Newly Launched LPD 6K Series Video Wall from Prysm Perfect for Business Training Rooms, Collaboration 1
Prysm Systems has made a wholly new class in the video wall display market–the Prysm Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) 6K Series, 225″ At 20ft wide and 5ft high, it’s the largest flawless interactive video wall display in the world.
Laser-powered phosphor display is basically a large-format display technology that’s comparable to the cathode ray tube. LPD technology enables individuals and teams to see and engage with all their data, content, and applications on displays of practically every size. The LPD 6K single panel screen display solutions are interactional large-format displays that provide a sweeping image that’s not plagued with bezels or seams. This exclusive technology offers superior experiences to the viewers across enormously different use cases. It has a top surface that’s rather flexible and fully impact-resistant even as it offers a smooth touch interface and one can see it from any distance, and at any possible angle, without suffering from any sort of eye tiredness issues.
The newest LPD Series don’t consume much power; in fact, it requires power lesser than even a common household item, such as a hairdryer. The displays are rollable and can be transported with ease. Prysm content management tools and visual collaboration software tools have powered the LPD 6K Series, to improve visual analysis, knowledge creation, and accelerate the decision-making procedures for business areas’ administrators & executives. Prysm solutions facilitate instant access to business process dashboards from practically any place, any gadget, and any time with steady visual experience–no matter what the size of the gadget and platform (Windows, Android, iOS) is. Besides, it’s possible for different stakeholders to log into the Prysm application simultaneously and access s dashboards from their individual gadgets and area.
LPD 6K 225″ is perfect for keeping a tab on business progression and workflows through the entire establishment. Together with Prysm #39 visual collaboration platform, the LPD 6K Series makes every type of business meeting, presentation, and study much more appealing and engrossing, eventually leading to improved and quicker decisions. The LPD 6K Series is exclusively developed for Executive briefing centers, and command and control centers, etc. Prysm Inc. is a well-known Silicon Valley, California based video wall designer and maker, and also a leading display and visual collaboration solutions provider with global footprints. The firm has set a high benchmark in the domains of video walls, large format displays, video wall display, besides digital display solutions. It has created and patented unique LPD technology.