San Jose, CA, Fitness Trainer Shares What Helps Improve Golf Swing 1

Golfers take lessons, invest in new gear and learn as much as they can to do one simple thing – improve their distance off the tee with each swing.

The technology for golf has certainly improved this considerably, with professionals now routinely hitting balls over 300 yards and then some. Only 30 years ago, 300 plus yards was a dream.

There is more to the golf swing than the technology of the gear. Most people do not realize it, but outside of the turn of the hips, there is another important muscle group that plays a huge role in the golf swing.

Scott Lamb is a fitness consultant in San Jose, CA. He has studied the golf swing and researched the human body in detail.

“The abdomen, specifically the lateral obliques, is absolutely key to a faster golf swing,” said Lamb who is also a fitness trainer in San Jose, California.

A golfer’s strength has little to do with a golf swing. It is the technique of the body’s twist that generates the clubhead speed – the secret to a long drive off of the tee. Strengthening the obliques helps the hips with the turn and release.

“I have had golfers come to me for help and after a few weeks return. The changes we have made mean they are generating 10 to 15 more yards off of the tee. This is significant in a game where 10 yards can make a difference,” said Lamb.

A fitness professional in San Jose, Lamb has a practice in the city and also does a lot of online consulting. He helps everyone from youth to senior adults with fitness, health and nutrition.

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