Skrilla49 Is Making A Loud Noise In The World Of  Hip Hop 1
Skrilla49 is an up and coming artist out of Compton, California
Skrilla49 is an up and coming artist out of Compton, California who brings the west coast culture in his songs, he is also a father, an artist & Entrepreneur.

Skrilla49 is an extremely inspiring artist who has come up from a very tough time in his life, his music has a certain vibe to it that you just don’t hear these days. The first impression when you hear his songs is that you just want to turn the volume all the way up and start dancing to it.  

In his career as an independent artist, Skrilla49 has produced and put out several music videos which show the amount of dedication that he has to his craft and to his music. 

Skrilla49 is an extraordinary father who wants the best of EVERYTHING for his kids, he not only wants the best for them, but he lives for them as well.  His kids bring out the best in him, as a matter of fact they are the reason that keep him going.

The first thing you will notice about Skrilla49 when you watch his music videos is that he is very fashionable & very dialed in with today’s fashion and most importantly he is always looking fresh. Another thing you will notice about him as well he is very close with his friends, he creates with them and they always work together as a group.  Him and his friends are always striving for success and will settle for nothing less than the best result in everything that they do. 

As an independent artist Skrilla49 is definitely on the right track, you can watch all of Skrilla49’s music videos on Lifestyle Network Streaming On Apple TV – Roku – Fire TV – Android TV – iOS & Android Mobile Apps. 

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