Kalamazoo Provisioning Center Pledges To Spread Positivity Through Cannabis During Covid-19 Pandemic 1
Kalamazoo Provisioning Center Pledges To Spread Positivity Through Cannabis During Covid-19 Pandemic 212/14/2020 – As the United States pushes through the COVID-19 pandemic, the State of Michigan continues to step forward in slowing the spread with multiple restrictions set in place. Operations of various businesses, such as hair salons, gyms, restaurants and dispensaries have been allowed to open under specific regulations. In hopes to keep the community of Kalamazoo optimistic, Cannamazoo Provisioning Center has actively participated in their daily operations with the use of delivery and curbside pickups. This Kalamazoo cannabis company’s goal is to provide their customers a safe space for knowledge and enlightenment to the world of marijuana. As coronavirus cases continue to be on the horizon, Cannamazoo plans to amplify the highs and improve the lows of life one bud at a time.

Cannamazoo Provisioning Center, a local cannabis retail and delivery service, operates out of their facility in Kalamazoo, Michigan to give the community a location to indulge in holistic health. The dispensary is known as an asset that provides over 150 employment opportunities to the city. Since they grow, process and sell the products, the Cannamazoo team is able to be a beacon of hope for their employees financially, during the stress of COVID-19.

With well over 400,000 COVID-19 cases in Michigan, safety for the state is of utmost importance to everyone. More specifically in Kalamazoo County, there are reports of almost 10,000 cases to date, which lays heavily on this small business’ heart. They are adamant about being a positive light in this time by wearing masks, maintaining social distancing while in store and during deliveries, and keeping the facility sanitized.

Much like other companies who brainstormed to stay busy and open, this company adopted new service options for their clients, such as curbside pickup and delivery. Their new methods offer the community a way to stay safe, but still enjoy the majesties of marijuana. Many clients have even chosen to continue to purchase from the storefront the traditional way, because of the level of cleanliness and sanitation within the facility as well as the ease of social distancing in their spacious showroom. This gives the staff motivation to continue cultivating positive relationships with clients. One form of this relationship building includes suggesting new products to their regular and new customers.

Sierra Thurmond, a Cannamazoo Budtender, was asked about the joys of working at Cannamazoo Provisioning Center. She shared, “There are so many regulars that come in and brighten my day. Also, meeting new people and showing them the world of cannabis is really special to me.” It is easy to show enthusiasm to clients when the business is rich in culture. This company is not allowing the pandemic to stop them from bonding this community together.

It is no doubt that Cannamazoo offers premium cannabis products at affordable costs for medical and recreational users. However, it is important to note that the Cannamazoo team is here to battle COVID-19, alongside the community leaders and members. When passion for the plant is your number one driver, there is no stopping you from achieving success.

Just listen to what some of our customers are saying.


“Cannamazoo has some beautiful flowers in their store front. Without a doubt a visit to the Kalamazoo Dispensary is well worth your time. I have never seen so many beautiful buds in one place!”

-Jeremy Wright


“I looooove Cannamazoo Dispensary Kalamazoo, what an incredible atmosphere, and there are so many choices, the selection is second to none.”

-Ashley Davis


“The best Dispensary in the entire state!”

-Evan Green


“Kalamazoo is lucky to have a provisioning center like Cannamazoo. I just can’t wait for weed delivery, it would really be helpful during the pandemic.”

-Erica Staton


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