Mozzaz and Giupedi, LLC Sign Strategic Partnership for Workers Compensation and Personal Injury Clinical Care Coordination 1
Mozzaz, 2019 Microsoft Healthcare Partner of the Year Finalist, and Giupedi LLC, SaaS development and marketing organization for patient care in medical litigation, announced a first of its kind platform. Used by lawyers focusing on workers compensation, personal injury, and medical malpractice, this platform will support client coordination. This collaboration will be delivered through Mozzaz’s platform, built on Microsoft Azure.

“We’re extremely impressed with the Mozzaz technology for digital engagement and their client roster including CVS Health, United Healthcare Group, and Anthem,” stated Dr. Gerard Foti, Giupedi CEO.

Rini Gahir, Mozzaz CEO, explained, “Law firms in the US have few choices for managing client’s care coordination. Providing patient-centered solutions for collaboration will drive efficiencies and proactive support across claims. We’re excited to introduce this cloud-based platform to a growing market.”

Utilizing machine learning, the platform will identify clinical terminology from medical-legal documents. Resulting, abstracted, and granularized data will optimize care coordination for clients and provide monetization opportunities for stakeholders.

Success in workers compensation and personal injury cases in the US is indicated by a large financial settlement. Edward Bukstel , Giupedi CTO, stated, “Our collaboration with Mozzaz will allow lawyers to maximize their financial settlements while also ensuring quality care for their clients.”

Today, few law firms have dedicated legal cloud systems for storage, except DropBox, and smart analysis of medical information about clients. This new SaaS application will change the way lawyers do business, helping their clients and physician networks manage care.

About Mozzaz

Mozzaz delivers virtual care solutions for personalized engagement and remote patient management. With Mozzaz, healthcare organizations can model clinical programs based on unique workflows from a single engagement platform. 

About Giupedi, LLC

Giupedi provides digital health and machine learning solutions for medical litigation cases including workers compensation, personal injury, and medical malpractice.  

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