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Sustainability is treating ourselves and our environment as we are to live on this earth forever. For quality life, balance and sustainability of natural resources are essential. The ocean occupies 70% of the earth’s surface and is perhaps the most important ecosystem on our planet, but humans also neglect it. Year after year, we continue to violate the sustainability boundaries of all oceans. More than 12% of the world’s population relies directly or indirectly on the fishing industry. Our preferences in the coming years will decide our oceans’ future and the viability of the fishing industry. There has never been a more critical need for fishing nations to dedicate themselves to sustainable practices that safeguard aquatic resources and ensure food security.

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Harmful fishing activities and overfishing are two main problems that need our urgent consideration, as they can have a potentially catastrophic effect on the world and our economies. Sustainable fishing is part of the solution to this existential problem. Sustainable fishing means respecting the aquatic environment by allowing enough fish to live and ensuring that people who rely on fishing can make ends meet in the future. Sustainable fishing activities can enable people to sustain a consistent, safe supply of fish so that fishing can continue forever. This is vital for countries that are economically dependent on fishing activities to provide jobs and revenue.

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