Create Accurate Legal Documents Faster with Motionize, a New Easy-to-Use Document Automation Platform 1
 AiLanthus Corp., a company developing the next generation of technology tools for attorneys, today announced the launch of Motionize, a simple, cloud-based document automation and management solution for busy law firms that require efficiency and productivity.

Motionize uses proprietary machine-learning technology that reads existing legal documents and automatically turns them into reusable templates. Attorneys and paralegals can further customize these templates before populating them with a click of a button. Using Motionize’s easy-to-use interface, legal professionals create and reuse their existing legal documents while saving their firms up to 80 percent of non-billable time.

Motionize is a modern solution that offers:

  1. A simple, no-code interface that requires little to no training
  2. Centralized storage for easy access and document automation from anywhere at anytime
  3. Efficiencies that cut hours of work into minutes

In conceiving Motionize, AiLanthus CEO Joshua Schoen was driven by his frustrations with drafting legal documents. He learned over time that many others shared those frustrations. He acted on his conviction that high-volume legal practice should not equal delays and inaccuracies that slow down justice and hamper firm growth.

“The biggest pain I felt working in the legal industry was not only how much time I had to spend drafting routine legal documents, but also how little true editing was required,” Schoen says. “Sometimes, it was even hard to find the right starting document. I knew there had to be a better way to store previous work product and make it reusable. That’s why I created Motionize.”

Clients can organize and access document sets that comprise litigation motions, complaints, document requests and other work product, all of which can retain proper formatting. Motionize can also generate transactional documents such as term sheets, non-compete agreements or even complex deal books.

Schoen, along with CTO Luke Waltman, recognize professionals’ ongoing reliance on Microsoft Word. As a result, Motionize gives users the option to download new documents in Word format or work within a built-in word-processing environment right in the system that mirrors the Word experience.

Future feature development for Motionize includes an artificial-intelligence tool that will allow users to convert document formats automatically for specific jurisdictions. This tool is scheduled for release later in 2021.

“It is in Motionize’s very DNA to maximize the time an attorney spends on the art of good lawyering and serving the client,” says Alexander Ali, founder of business consulting firm The Unicorn Business and an advisor to AiLanthus Corp. “That is why I believe in Motionize.”

Law firms can subscribe to Motionize for $60 a month per user for up to five users or $80 a month per user for up to 10 users with two document-builder seats. Custom enterprise-level licensing options are also available.

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About AiLanthus Corp.

AiLanthus Corp. is developing the next generation of technology tools for attorneys. The company’s core product is Motionize, a cloud-based document automation and management platform. Motionize uses proprietary machine-learning technology to simplify the legal document-creation process, offer centralized document template storage and help make law firms more productive and profitable. AiLanthus Corp. is based in Washington, DC.

Joshua Schoen, CEO
AiLanthus Corp.
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Joshua Schoen, CEO
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