Correcting Injustice in Orlando, FL adds Frank Amodeo as Senior Advisor in its 2021 Criminal Justice Reform Initiatives 1
Correcting Injustice, Inc. announces the addition of Mr. Frank Amodeo as Senior Advisor to lead its 2021 initiatives in criminal justice reform and creation of The Redemption Path Documents.

Since 2012, Frank Amodeo has provided legal assistance to federal prisoners, advising more than 5,000 inmates, including assisting over 1,800 individuals with their post-conviction litigation. His straightforward approach has proved successful at all levels of federal court, including at the Supreme Court. Mr. Amodeo’s innovative legal theories focus on correcting inequities and improper applications of the law, and have expanded and changed how it is interpreted both administratively and judicially. With his return to community in 2020, Mr. Amodeo will now serve as a senior advisor on public policy matters for Correcting Injustice, Inc., and is a subject matter expert frequently called upon to provide understanding and solutions on topics as they relate to the criminal justice system. 

The Redemption Path Documents will be designed as a guide to encourage the initiation of reforms both in the prosecution and punishment of crime. The changes that will be proposed and lobbied for come from Mr. Amodeo’s years of practice and interaction with the criminal justice system to encourage changes both in practice and statute to provide a more efficient, effective and fairer criminal justice system.

“The conditions in federal prisons and the legal path that defendants are forced to take to get there are riddled with inequities, and then deliver inmates into deplorable living conditions,” Amodeo said in a recent interview. “It’s a combination of factors that will require comprehensive justice reform at every level. We are not suggesting that the system let violent offenders out of prison, nor are we saying that criminals shouldn’t be held accountable. We are asking for changes based in fairness and compassion for basic human rights applied equally regardless of race or financial status.”

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Correcting Injustice provides education to attorneys, defendants, victims, inmates and their families, as well as the community so that they may better understand and navigate the criminal justice system. This mission runs parallel to initiating and speaking on reforms and solutions needed in national public policy and within the justice system itself at all levels.

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