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Timing of Life: Achieve all your Blessings and Goals – Leroy Mealancon Jr.’s New self-help book will bring light to your darkest days.

In coordination with Amazon, Leroy Mealancon Jr. is releasing a new short self-help book that discusses how to embrace every moment of life on one’s own timing and path. The book will be released this February 12021.

The self-help book is titled “Timing of Life: Achieve all your Blessings and Goals”. The ebook will be available electronically through the Amazon bookstore and as an audiobook recorded by Leroy Mealancon Jr.

The book is an honest representation of the struggles people face of feeling lost, confused, and going down the wrong path. While they never know how things will turn out, “The Timing of Life” gives insurance that everything will be alright in the end.

“Timing of Life: Achieve all your Blessings and Goals” walks through the author’s journey of feeling lost while bringing in inciteful quotes by famous actors, philosophers, and even bible quotes. This is not a book just meant for Christian, as Leroy Mealancon Jr. uses the bible verses as philosophies that anyone can follow in life.

This book talks about both the highs and lows of life and how we experience negative and positive timing. In the book are actionable tips to make your bad days a little brighter and your good days memorable.

This short story is a fast read that will give you clarity of mind and peace that you’re not alone in your journey of finding your path.

“Timing of Life: Achieve all your blessings and goals” is Leroy’s first literary creation. It is written with an aim to help people of all ages and occupations turn their dreams into reality and lead a successful life.

Leroy Mealancon Jr. is a young author, teacher, entrepreneur and an avid reader. His diverse life experiences, ranging from a childhood spent in the peaceful metropolitan of Palmdale, to graduating in business management from Capella University with exceptional grades, to being an educator at a famous public school in Lancaster, have shaped his altruistic personality and inspired his goal to help, empower and uplift others.

Joining The NSLS, the nation’s largest leadership honor society, was a transformative decision that enabled Leroy to refine his leadership skills, build a successful career and take a practical step towards what had been his passion for so, so long – helping others materialize their dreams through the power of his words and his ability to influence others.

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