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Understanding Business Ideas, Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets, a Guide from a Seasoned Expert in VC Finance.
Understanding Business Ideas, Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets, a Guide from a Seasoned Expert in VC Finance.

London – February 4, 2021 – In “Water Me Please” VC Finance and Fund Raising Expert Marc Bandemer outlines in a number of stages the whole process of the Capital raising process and in detail the important first stages and central to this is how Companies approach and manage their own Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and trade Secrets.

The moment discussions are opened in any form of Capital funding with anyone, even those it is felt are a perfect fit and in complete alignment with your own vision it is essential to get a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) signed between all parties at the very first possible moment.

Trade secrets and IPR are of vital importance to any investor and they will be watching and monitoring how they are managed domestically so it is essential to set the right tone from the outset.

Trade Secrets and IPR can be represented in a number of ways ranging from inventions of gadgets for example and in these instances the protection lies with the registration of a Patent(s) which are available in most countries but in the UK, USA, Europe and South Africa these would have to be applied for with the relevant Patent Office.

Once registered and granted though, the only way another individual or company can obtain or take advantage of your intellectual property is for the owner to legally sell that patient or grant a license for the usage.

It goes almost without saying but… perhaps this point can never be understated. It is essential at all times to obtain the best legal counsel that can possibly be afforded? At this stage… it is not a good idea to try and cut corners or take short cuts.

Marc Bandemer brings to this guide a wealth of experience not only in his current role as Chairman of the board at Integer Wealth Global but also a lifetime of advising numerous clients in raising millions of VC investment over the years.

It is very rare that guides like this come along and are available so freely. More information about Integer Wealth can be found here ( and the guide itself can be found and downloaded free of charge by clicking here

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