If you’re the head chef at home and you have a hungry family to feed, you’ll know how challenging it can be to keep the food you prepare interesting and fun from day-to-day. This challenge was made almost impossible when the Covid-19 pandemic struck, with our families forced to stay at home for long periods of time, meaning that almost every meal is prepared and eaten at home.

With lockdowns extended, and then extended some more, it became more and more difficult to find food suppliers that provide stimulating stock, and to keep up with new ideas to stop your family tribe from getting bored of what they are eating day-to-day.

This is where EatMyBananas.com comes into play. A collective of in-the-know moms from the Philippines have created a website devoted to local food, suppliers, restaurants and more, so that you can try and experience new foods every day and keep your family happy with their meals.

What is EatMyBananas.com

It all started when the first lockdown hit the Philippines. A bunch of mom friends were looking for a solution to find good food sources that could be easily delivered. Some of the more knowledgeable moms would share photos and links to their suppliers, and pass on recipes with new and fresh ideas. As the weeks rolled on, the moms’ phones were completely packed with great ideas, food suppliers, recipes and more.

The website was started as resource for moms. As time went on, the group realized the importance of bringing in and connecting with food businesses, not just moms, to further inspire and educate about the great food available in the Philippines.

Now, EatMyBananas.com is a thriving community of moms and local food suppliers, all supporting and inspiring one another.

What food secrets are shared?

They are only a secret if you haven’t read about them! EatMyBananas.com, thanks to their fantastic network, bring you:

  • Fresh food ideas to bring fun and new interests to the meals you prepare
  • Flavors to put a twist on Philippine favorites, such as Ensaymada
  • Local restaurant dishes – reviews, opinions, and tips
  • Local food suppliers – who’s the best, how to reach them, how to order
  • New food from local businesses – are they worth a try?

… and so much more Why not take a look at some of the best of EatMyBananas.com? You can view their most popular listings here: https://www.eatmybananas.com/best-of-eatmybananas/

How can you join the community?

It’s simple. If you’re a mom who wants new ideas and tips to keep your families fed, look at the EatMyBananas.com website. It’s super easy to view and search through, and each week you’ll have lots of inspiration on what to eat for the foreseeable future.

If you have an awesome food product to sell in the local area, feel free to send the moms at EatMyBananas.com some photos and some information about it, and tell them your story! They are always looking for new things to share and would be happy to post about you.

More information

EatMyBananas.com was started by a collective of moms from the Philippines who began sharing food tips and ideas to one another during lockdown. Overtime, they built up so much great information that they decided to share it with other moms by creating the website. Now, they encourage moms and food suppliers all over the local area to get involved, so that we can all inspire and learn from one another. To learn more or to get involved, visit the website: https://www.eatmybananas.com/.

Source: https://pressrelease.cc/moms-of-eatmybananas-com-share-their-local-food-secrets-and-tips-to-keep-their-families-fed-during-lockdown/

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We created EatMyBananas.com so that we could put together all the food suppliers in just one place.

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