Revolutionary App to Introduce a Furry Friend That Helps People Boost Productivity with Undivided Attention 1
With the objective to reduce animal abandonment globally, Study Pet uses the world-famous Pomodoro method, which is used by many Ivy League medical school students.

Study Pet is a revolutionary app that has been introduced to help people boost their productivity through undivided attention with the help of a furry friend. With the objective to reduce animal abandonment globally, Study Pet uses the world-famous podomoro method which breaks down study sessions into focused sessions with strategic breaks.

According to Jordan Martin, the CEO of Pet Study, “The idea of this app is to create a digital animal that is basically meant to be a personal motivational companion.” He further adds, “This pet will adapt to your study methods and assist with instilling study habits.” The CEO suggests that the goal is to trade one’s time for watching their pet grow with them as they progress in studying and completing tasks.

The time the user collects can be spent on customising their pet or focusing on helping the comp any fight animal abandonment right from within the app. This means a user’s time can literally help furry friends in real life. Unfortunately, 6 million animals are abandoned every year, and Study Pet aims to reduce this number through their app.

The CEO adds, “The bonus is seeing your effort grow into the cutest furry friend because of your production.” Martin suggests, “We have made sure the time you earn in the app can not only be spent on customising your pet to suit you but also on donating to the causes right from the app. Here at study pet, we see no better way to spend your time literally.”

Currently, the Study Pet app project is in its final stages and requires funding through Kickstar in order to complete the app. In order to promote awareness about this revolutionary app, a Facebook page has been created. For more information, visit the Facebook page now at this link.

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