Author Kassondra R. Lewis releases ‘BANKRUPTCY DIDN’T BREAK ME: Learn the Secrets to Surviving Bankruptcy & Boosting Your Credit Score’ 1

Author Kassondra R. Lewis has announced the release of her acclaimed guide to achieving financial stability, BANKRUPTCY DIDN’T BREAK ME: Learn the Secrets to Surviving Bankruptcy & Boosting Your Credit Score.

In BANKRUPTCY DIDN’T BREAK ME, Lewis draws upon her personal experiences filing for bankruptcy as well as her insider knowledge working in the mortgage industry to offer a roadmap for navigating the uncertainty of bankruptcy. She hopes that her book will answer common questions for those who may lack the support or resources to choose the best path forward.

With invaluable tips for creating a plan, boosting your credit score, or qualifying for a mortgage, Lewis simplifies the bankruptcy process by exposing common myths that hinder recovery. BANKRUPTCY DIDN’T BREAK ME is a tell-all guide that puts bankruptcy in focus as only one small bump on your record. Additionally, unlike other bankruptcy books, Lewis explains how to recover on an emotional level and grapple with negative feelings like hopeless. 

Readers who are going through the bankruptcy process are sure to benefit from Lewis’s insights and methodical way of developing a recovery plan. Lewis not only discusses procedures and rules, but also shares her professional learnings as someone who processed, underwrote, and approved home loans. With experience on both sides of the desk when it comes to bankruptcy, no other book can compare to the expertise in BANKRUPTCY DIDN’T BREAK ME.

Donovan of the Midwest Book Review hails Lewis’s work as essential reading for anyone seeking to learn more about bankruptcy, stating, “It goes above and beyond most other guides on the topic, pairing the emotional with business.”

BANKRUPTCY DIDN’T BREAK ME: Learn the Secrets to Surviving Bankruptcy & Boosting Your Credit Score is available for purchase on or wherever books are sold.

Kassondra Lewis has worked in the mortgage industry for over 17 years in a variety of positions. She has personally lived through bankruptcy, foreclosure, collections, tax liens, and having to start over with low wages. After rebuilding her life and her credit multiple times, she wrote BANKRUPTCY DIDN’T BREAK ME. Lewis hopes others will find solace in her work. If she could say anything to someone going through the bankruptcy process, it would be: “I have been where you are, and I know the way out.”

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