New Book Release 2021: Septemics by Jim Marshall, a book about social science and psychological philosophy 1
New Book Release 2021: Septemics by Jim Marshall, a book about social science and psychological philosophy

Jim Marshall B.S., inventor of Septemics and a polymathic scholar, has announced the forthcoming release of his groundbreaking text, Septemics: Hierarchies of Human Phenomena – Analysis, Prediction and Management of Human Affairs.

Septemics: Hierarchies of Human Phenomena is a transformative work of social science and psychological philosophy that is based on Marshall’s revolutionary research into behavioral theory. Septemics — meaning literally “of, or pertaining to, the number seven” — is founded upon a collection of scales and sequences that break down certain human phenomena into a hierarchy of seven steps. Marshall notes that there are currently thirty-five of these scales, which span the spectrum of human experience.

Marshall’s unique contribution to the social sciences makes it possible for students to analyze, predict, and manage the behavior of both groups and individuals. Septemics lends order to the usual chaos of human activity, which can be applied to better lead organizations and understand the nuances of interacting with others in a variety of roles. 

Adult readers with an interest in psychology, applied philosophy, self-improvement, and a wide range of other subjects can benefit from Marshall’s insights into human behavior. Septemics can be used as a predictive tool to anticipate outcomes and make informed decisions about situations involving other people. Forewarned is forearmed.

Individual and group Septemics scales can be tailored to fit virtually any scenario. From literacy to sexuality, Marshall’s exhaustive research is the key to understanding human phenomena. Reviewers describe Septemics: Hierarchies of Human Phenomena as “a great inspiration” and “an interconnected collection of innovative paradigms and conceptual models” that can fit in any context.

Septemics: Hierarchies of Human Phenomena is available in hardback, softback, and e-book formats.

Jim Marshall is an author, scholar, and Human Development Engineer with over three decades of experience in transformational and holistic science. After integrating the best aspects of existing advanced techniques, Marshall invented his own systems, such as Septemics and Multi-Dimensional Processing.

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