Resolvly, a consumer protection legal referral service, has prevailed in a recent class action lawsuit that was originally filed in January, 2018. In the aforementioned lawsuit, all parties have stipulated to the voluntary dismissal of the entire action with prejudice against all defendants including Resolvly LLC.

Throughout the process and looking ahead to the future, Resolvly continues to help consumers find the top legal firms that will come to the aid of consumers battling credit card, medical, personal loan, or private student loan debt.

“We are extremely pleased to have prevailed in the meritless lawsuit that was pending against our company,” explained Gregory Fishman, the President and CEO of Resolvly. “We are moving forward as we have always done to help those people who are struggling with personal debt find the most professional and expert legal team to help in their debt defense.”

Working Hard To Help Debtors Find Legal Counsel

A recent report showed that U.S. citizens owe nearly $1 trillion in credit card debt alone. In fact, it’s estimated that nearly 80% of all Americans are battling some form of debt.

Many of those who endure a debt crisis also encounter the debilitating and often bullying tactics of debt collectors or, worse, face debt lawsuits. In the extreme cases, it’s often necessary to retain the right legal representation. Resolvly is an expert referral service connecting consumers with the proper legal firm for their needs.  A legal resource can offer insights and help build a strong defense to combat the often-underhanded debt collection services.

Resolvly has successfully found the finest legal counsel for those experiencing the financial burdens of debt. These legal defense teams often invoke several Federal Laws written to protect consumers against harassing creditors and have often helped fully resolve their client’s debt.

Especially now during the pandemic times of COVID-19, both personal debt and medical debt are on the rise. When an individual’s debt becomes overwhelming, it’s helpful and advised to turn to a legal professional to navigate the murky waters of debt resolution.

Resolvly urges those mired in debt to reach out for an initial consultation to help find the most strategically sound legal team to combat each individual’s debt scenario.

About Resolvly LLC

Resolvly is a Lawyer Referral Service based in Boca Raton, Florida, that helps those enmeshed in credit card, private student loans or medical debt find professional attorneys who specialize in their defense. Resolvly refers consumers to law firms that protect and enforce their legal rights when dealing with creditors and help secure financial freedom. Learn more by visiting Resolvly ( today.

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