WaterSong 100 Percent Lead-Free Waterfall Basin Faucet 1

Why did WaterSong spend lots of time to design?

In today’s wide range of products, WaterSong still treats each model as a work of art. While insisting on the quality of the heavy industry, WaterSong constantly makes assumptions, measurements ,and innovations in both appearance and functions, to refine the water flow of each faucet. This time, WaterSong offers an aesthetically pleasing 360° rotation waterfall faucet.

WaterSong Specializes in the Production of a Wide Range of High-End Faucets:

• A professional R & D team has carried out precise calculations on the material selection, coating mode, pipeline layout ,and installation mode of each faucet model.

• A professional design team drew inspiration from life and solved the problems that people may encounter when they are using the faucets.

• A complete after-sales team, and the flexible after-sales way. Whether it’s online chat or email, users are always allowed to find a way to communicate with the professional team.

Model: Single Handle Waterfall Basin Faucet

WaterSong 100 Percent Lead-Free Waterfall Basin Faucet 2

Wide Waterfall Spout with View of the Flow – The wide waterfall spout is suitable for all kinds of bathroom styles, the upper opening gives users a clear view of the flow of water in a stylish way. WaterSong bathroom basin faucet makes a balance between the shape and beauty of the water flow, which meets the demand of daily use perfectly while adorning the basin without dispersing the water.

WaterSong 100 Percent Lead-Free Waterfall Basin Faucet 3

360°Rotation & Tailored Design – Single-hole mount creates a cleaner look against custom countertop. 360° rotatable spout enables users to twist the faucet easily to flush the corners and upper parts of the basin.

WaterSong 100 Percent Lead-Free Waterfall Basin Faucet 4

Single-Handle Design – Single handle design aims to prevent the sudden change of water temperature caused by accidental contact, and also makes it easier to control the water flow & temperature. WaterSong waterfall basin faucet strikes a balance between the height/ width of the handlebar and the ease of handling. Widened handlebars are aesthetically pleasing and easy to handle without affecting the rotation of the faucet head.

WaterSong 100 Percent Lead-Free Waterfall Basin Faucet 5

Designers’ Appearance, Laboratory’s Material Selection – In its designer’s vision, the atmosphere of a bathroom should be light and relaxed, WaterSong adopts the upper opening with brushed nickel coating to create a faint mirror reflection effect. Like being in a wave sparkling stream, fresh and pleasant. HOWEVER, under the elegant appearance, this faucet insists on high quality, which adopted high-standard materials to ensure its practicality.

WaterSong 100 Percent Lead-Free Waterfall Basin Faucet 6

Certified to cUPC & NSF-61 (Lead-Free) – WaterSong offers quality lead-free faucet to protect you and your family’s health. Height:7.1”, Spout Height: 6”. Spout Reach: 4.9”. Flow rate: 1.2gpm Max@60psi.

*Tips: How to Choose a Waterfall Basin Faucet:

1. Controller – Generally speaking, there are two controllers of the bathroom faucet: single-handle and double-handle. In fact, both of the two control methods will achieve similar effects on water flow and temperature, but the single-handle type is better at adjusting the temperature of the mixed water.

2. Height – Bathroom sinks tend to be shallower and smaller than kitchen sinks, so it is not recommended to choose a faucet that is too tall (the spout height is over 7.3″) – it does not balance aesthetically with the basin and is prone to splashing. So, what about a faucet with a short design (the spout height is less than 4.5″)? Unfortunately, it’s still not recommended. The narrow distance makes cleaning difficult and reduces the flexibility of use. WaterSong adopts 6″ spout height design to consider both aesthetics and practicality.

3. Appearance Treatment – Mineral-rich water often causes problems with stains, the chrome finish is brighter when not in use, but water stains and fingerprints left after a short period of use. Therefore, famous brands, like Moen and Delta faucet, have gradually drawn nickel process and matte process as the mainstream of the product line. The brushed nickel and matt appearance of WaterSong provides a refreshing and durable use experience, which is easier to clean.

4. Useful Features – A survey showed that the average time per person stay at the bathroom is over 70 minutes per day. When the bathroom faucet becomes practical and exquisite, people can become more cheerful in this period of time. A faucet that swivels 360° with a waterfall not only makes it easier to clean the edges and corners of the basin but also gives the bathroom a Zen-like feel.

5. Material Safety – When the lead comes into contact with air, it oxidizes to form a protective film. But water can make the protective film of lead fall off and sink into the water. So, a Certified to CUPC & NSF-61(lead-free) is necessary.

6. Price Ranges – A basic functional faucet is around $50. As the price ranges up toward $100, the construction gets better. More specifically, consumers will start to see metal materials like brass and stainless steel more frequently than plastic. Bathroom faucets tend to be more basic, so the difference in price is often in material selection, craft treatment, and brand premium. A brushed nickel waterfall faucet from Moen or Delta Faucet even costs more than $100! WaterSong adhere to heavy quality with metal accessories, three-layer surface treatment process, and greatly improve the cost performance with the price under $40.

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