Geotargeting WP offers effective geotargeting to help WordPress users deliver content and redirects 1
Geotargeting WP offers effective geotargeting to help WordPress users deliver content and redirects
Geotargeting WP, a leading geolocation service for WordPress users, has ramped up its services to provide access to a highly precise, premium IP database and plugins to help clients customize content for users based on their location.

With the global pandemic drastically changing the tone of customer communications, the focus has moved towards personalized or customized messaging to help boost customer relationships built on trust. 

Geotargeting WP said the easiest way to personalize site content is via geo-targeting, which is way for websites to serve specific content to visitors based on their geographic location, usually their country or city via their IP address.

“Personalization has become the cornerstone of digital marketing, especially with the pandemic changing the dynamics of marketing. While there are plenty of tools and plugins for WordPress that aid users personalize content, geo-targeting is still the way to go,” a representative of the company said in a recent press statement. 

With Geotargeting WP, users are able to group countries or cities in order to make it easier to target users. 

“For example, users could create a region called Europe and another called America, and then simply use those names in shortcodes or widgets to help them save time,” the representative said. 

Geotargeting WP, which is based on an IP or HTML 5 geolocation database, allows clients to accurately target 99.9 percent of their users. That database lives in Geotargeting WP’s server and the plugin calls the API to return the user location on demand.

Either using IP or GPS, every time the user location is needed, a request will be made to Geotargeting WP’s API.

The service includes two plugins that call the API to return the location of site visitors. One of the plugins, the Geotargeting Pro , provides content such as pages, menus, widgets and WooCommerce products to visitors based on their geographic location. 

Another plugin, the Geo Redirects, allows users the ability to set up page redirects based on a variety of rules and variables, including visitor location.

With this, Geotargeting WP seeks to aid clients in customizing the user experience of their visitors, put out more relevant content, and help boost conversions and sales.

Compared to other content WordPress geolocation AP services, Geotargeting WP said its plugins have a cache mode that allows users to save credits and spend less money while having the best geolocation results.

“Every site that intend to approach to a worldwide audience could get benefits from geotargeting content. The API is ideal for showing different content or redirecting the users to the proper pages,” the representative said. 

Cache mode allows users to save cash by making less queries and API calls to the database. Whenever users receive a visitor to their site, their location details re cached after the initial page visit. Page views beyond that do not make additional calls to the database.

Geotargeting WP claims its service also saves clients some good cash by excluding bots and crawlers from making API calls.

ABOUT Geotargeting WP

Geotargeting WP offers a complete solution to geotarget WordPress sites. Based in Lewes, Delaware, it is a powerful API service to geotarget content or create geo targeted redirects. 

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