Innovative cosmetics brand, Jouvique, launches their range of non-toxic, plant-based makeup and skincare products into the market

Joüvique is staying true to their goal of helping beauty enthusiasts to enjoy the beautifying powers of nature as the company announce their official launch with the introduction of a wide range of products across different categories. The new brand of natural makeup and skincare products are naturally pure and ethically produced with environmentally friendly packaging to meet the diverse needs of consumers. 

The global cosmetic market has continued to grow over the years, with the skincare industry seemingly driving the growth. According to a report recently published by Business Insider, the global cosmetics market was valued at over $532 billion in 2019. Another report by Beauty Packaging forecasts the global market value for skincare to reach $185.5 billion by 2027. While tons of brands have entered the market to offer beauty solutions to customers, many of the available products are either chemical-laden or exorbitantly priced. However, Joüvique  aims to make a difference by integrating sustainable practices into the production of their product. 

Joüvique currently offers handcrafted products across different categories, formulated with 100% vegan, cruelty-free, no synthetic ingredients such as pure exotic oils and fruit extracts, to revitalize, rejuvenate and promote repair deeper within, leaving the skin vibrant and healthy. Each product is proudly made in the USA to suit the peculiarity of consumers and help them avoid solutions that leave the skin worse off, without having to break the bank. 

Some products from Joüvique include body yogurts, facial cleansers, moisturizers,  anti-aging serums, as well as lipsticks and other make-up staple  items. Customers are raving about the luxurious feel and high quality of Joüvique’s products, and superior customer service.  

For more information about Joüvique and their product range, please visit - and Instagram. 

About Joüvique 

Joüvique is a beauty brand that aims to challenge the status quo in the industry by providing naturally pure, ethically produced, and responsibly packaged cosmetics and personal care products. The solutions from Joüvique are eco-friendly, non-toxic, formulated with the purest, cleanest, most wholesome ingredients available. 

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