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Charlottesville, VA – Venture Chiropractic is Charlottesville’s premier chiropractic destination for pediatric development and adult health in Charlottesville, VA. The clinic is passionate about disrupting the status quo in how people view their health. The professionals do it by painting a bigger picture of health and vitality for the moment and years to come. 

Venture Chiropractic is also a thorough, specific, and scientific chiropractic care center with patients as the priority. Offering a drug-free alternative, the specialists at the clinic believe that chiropractic therapy reduces interference in the nervous system so that it can facilitate communication between the brain and the body. The maximization of this transmission not only gives patients relief from their pain or discomfort, but they also will notice other conditions clearing up almost instantly. Venture Chiropractic aims to deliver world-class chiropractic care so that the residents of Charlottesville, VA, and the surrounding areas can live every day as an adventure. The Charlottesville Chiropractor utilizes state-of-the-art technology to educate and provide quality care to its patients. In the process of treatment, the team at the center equips and empowers their patients to live their experience.  

The Chiropractor in Charlottesville is in the mission of elevating the health and wellness of the greater Charlottesville community with love, service, and excellence. The professionals at the clinic believe in the adventure of life and this is why they provide their patients with the ability to better connect with their body’s innate ability to thrive. The team at the care center does this by gentle adjustments that allow for the nerve interference to be removed to cause cell metabolism. The adjustments improve organ function, and the immune system adaptability is restored.  

Venture Chiropractic offers a variety of services including pediatric development, pregnancy care, adult care, and sports performance enhancement. To perform these services, the chiropractic center uses the Gonstead method. It is an effective chiropractic technique that was developed by Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead throughout his 50+ years of clinical experience in chiropractic care. The science and clinical experience behind this cutting-edge method results in the most accurate and precise approach to care for individuals with chiropractic needs. The center uses this technique because to them, the spinal column is a dynamic structure affecting the entire body. Therefore the Gonstead method allows a practitioner to use five specific criteria to pinpoint exactly where the cause of the problem is. This treatment helps in the assessment of neurological dysfunction, soft tissue damage, and joint restrictions. Through a comprehensive approach to correcting the spine and nervous system, they have often found that the body begins to function better as a whole. Most patients under their care not only report relief from pain or discomfort but also an alignment and healing of their spinal joints.

Venture Chiropractic is located at 1747 Allied St. Suite I, Charlottesville, VA 22903, USA. For inquiries, contact the center at 434-956-4275 or visit its website for additional information.

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