Innovative Swedish Start-up, Touchize, launches Mobile Swipe2Buy – An App that aims at closing the mobile gap and leverage the untapped Mobile Ecommerce Opportunity 1
Innovative Swedish Start-up, Touchize, launches Mobile Swipe2Buy - An App that aims at closing the mobile gap and leverage the untapped Mobile Ecommerce Opportunity
Over the last few years, mobile device web traffic has grown many-fold as compared to desktop web traffic. However, the number of eCommerce transactions on mobile has not grown in the same proportion, simply because the design of online shops is not optimized to provide the same user-friendly shopping experience to users as the desktop version of the store. But now, Touchize’s innovative app technology called Mobile Swipe2Buy is set to change it all.

Malmö, Sweden – Touchize, a start-up based in Sweden, is making headlines with its proprietary app technology called Mobile Swipe2Buy that makes mobile shopping a cakewalk for its users. After a successful beta launch that garnered rave reviews, the company has made the app available to Shopify stores globally.

Due to the enormous growth in smartphone ownership over the last few years, 70-90% of the traffic to an online shop comes via mobile/touch devices. In order to cater to mobile users, the online shops have integrated responsive design in their store. But the responsive design has its limitations when it comes to an eCommerce store. Responsive design is based on a web shop built for PC with a large screen, keyboard and mouse which is then adopted or forced into a device with a smaller screen without much consideration given to the fact that the interaction is touch screen based. It does not take into account the underlying differences in user interaction behaviour – ‘Tap & Swipe’ on mobile as opposed to ‘Point & Click’ on a PC. In addition, many apps that work on a large PC screen create “App Clutter” on the mobile screen. This has naturally led to significant difference in conversions and sales between a PC and a Mobile web shop. This is also called a Mobile Gap.

The “Swipe2Buy” solution aims to make standard responsive design fully “Mobile”. In other words, Touchize gives responsive design the mobile “Touch”.

Most eCommerce stores are either not aware of the mobile gap or have not taken adequate steps to address it. They continue to compromise on their conversion rate, which means they are leaving a lot of money on the table. Touchize’s team saw this as an opportunity to help the store owners increase their sales. They figured that responsive design does not deliver sales as expected in the mobile channel. They decided to work on a technology that utilizes the 3 unique advantages of mobile/touch devices: very visual, intuitive and tactile.

Based on these 3 advantages Touchize has developed a genuine “Mobile First” user interface product – Mobile Swipe2Buy. This product is based on a drag & drop interface that gives the consumer an easier and faster way to buy products, just like in a physical store. The Touchize Swipe2Buy product is implemented as an add-on App to existing e-commerce shop and utilizes the functionality that the existing platform already has. The Swipe2Buy App creates a “overlay” that makes all products in an ordinary web shop “Swipeable”. It also adds a “SwipeCart” functionality to quickly add products with just a swipe.

Mobile Swipe2Buy helps e-merchants improve their business by:

  • More products in the cart, improved conversion and better profitability per order.
  • A competitive edge compared to merchants with only traditional responsive design without Swipeable products.
  • Higher loyalty to their shop by offering the best mobile shopping experience

This has all been proven in A/B tests and statistics from existing customers.

Swipe2Buy helps mobile consumers with a simpler and faster shopping experience.

“We are convinced that mobile devices will play a key role in global e-commerce development. And making it easy for the consumer with Swipe2Buy is absolutely central to the ongoing mobile e-commerce transformation,” said Jesper Deleuran, CEO of Touchize.

Today Touchize boasts of several happy customers who have seen their sales grow significantly after they started using Mobile Swipe2Buy on their stores. The company’s motto is “fast, cheap and easy to implement app” and these are the values that underpin the entire operation of the business. An innovative App backed by hundreds of user testimonials is what makes Mobile Swipe2Buy one of the best and must have apps for Shopify stores. The dedication to client satisfaction is unmatched and makes for an app which Shopify store owners are proud to use and offer their end consumers.

Video examples on how Mobile Swipe2Buy works in merchants Shopify stores:



Mobile Swipe2Buy in Shopify App Store:


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