Gems So Rare That It Takes Ten Thousand Diamonds To Find Just One 1
Star Lanka is among the leading online sellers of fine gemstones. It sources raw stones, manufactures gems in different shapes, and sells them to customers worldwide. The business is renowned for its adherence to quality and highly reasonable rates.

Gems So Rare That It Takes Ten Thousand Diamonds To Find Just One 2

According to announcements released by Star Lanka and Suhail, the Paraiba tourmaline in this online wholesaler and retailer’s inventory is of the finest quality and available at great rates. Known for its brilliant neon and green colours, the stone was first mined in the Paraiba region of Brazil; it is now found in Nigeria and Mozambique as well.

It is a rare gemstone, because for every 10,000 diamonds that get mined, only one Paraiba tourmaline is found. The blue-green and neon tourmalines available with Star Lanka are available in various colours and quality to suit the buyer’s budget. All the stones are excellent value for money and also great investments. 

The gemstone gets its name from the Sinhala word “Turmali.” It gets its colour from a combination of manganese and copper present in it. The defining characteristics of tourmaline are its high saturation levels of the colour tone and hardness that ranges from 7 to 7.5 on the Moh’s hardness scale. 

Gems So Rare That It Takes Ten Thousand Diamonds To Find Just One 3

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Suhail of Star Lanka said, “Paraiba tourmaline can generate negative ions that are incredibly helpful in determining mental stability and energy. Paraiba tourmaline can guard its possessor against the dangers and misfortune. It can invoke the feeling of love and strengthen friendships. The value of this stone is determined according to the purity and quality. It is a rare gemstone that is hard to be replicated in a lab. 

Therefore, natural tourmaline commands a higher price when compared to its artificial and rough imitation. Paraiba tourmaline price per carat is generally high for the deep blue and green colours having intense saturation and a medium tone. It ranges from light to medium-dark tones with high prices garnered for midrange stones as according to GIA. Fine Quality gemstones, competitive pricing, and high customer satisfaction is our priority.”

Mozambique ruby occupies a pride of place in Star Lanka’s inventory of precious stones. This ruby was first mined in the 21st century. Its “pigeon blood” colour and looks are very similar to other rubies. The limited availability and exquisite appeal of the Mozambique ruby make it a much sought-after stone. 

Over the years, the price of Mozambique rubies has climbed steadily. Star Lanka endeavours to provide its customers with the best quality rubies at the most affordable rates. It can do so because of its established supply chain, excellent relationships with the raw stone sellers, and a team of fine craftsmen who create first-class gemstones in different styles. 

These stones are large and do not require heat treatment – a unique feature not seen in the more famous Burma rubies. 

Popular gemstones available with Star Lanka include sapphires, spinels, garnets, and tanzanites. Customers can also design their jewelry online at the Star Lanka website. Star Lanka has always catered to high-end luxury brands and has now made its skills available to retail customers.

About the Company:

Founded in 1985, Star Lanka has grown to become a leading manufacturer and seller of quality gemstones. These are created from precious stones sourced ethically from conflict-free zones. Through Star Lanka, buyers can purchase the best quality rubies, garnets, tanzanites, and other stones at a relatively lower cost.

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