How Kahuna Massage Chair Differ from Other Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chairs – The Complete Guide 1

In the last few years, massage chair technology has been a staple in spas, resorts, and households, revolutionizing hospitality services with top benefits in rest and relaxation. 

Massage chairs offer the convenience of massages anytime that a user wants. It is also built with various features that maximize health as well.

But recently, the Zero Gravity Feature has become a crowd favorite in terms of relaxation and health. The term Zero Gravity in massage chairs is coined from the seamless gravity experience it provides. The massage chair gradually reclines to relieve tension in the back, dispersing the weight, reducing high blood pressure, and improving circulation.

Correcting posture and improving circulation will result in faster cellular nutrition and oxygenation to help the body recover energy and replenish tissues.

The Kahuna Massage Chair collection is a Japanese-made massage chair that further improves the experience by incorporating several defined features that supports the Zero Gravity system.

Let this article be a guide to understand what makes the Kahuna Massage Chair collection differ from other Zero Gravity Massage Chairs.

Kahuna Massage Chair LM 7000

How Kahuna Massage Chair Differ from Other Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chairs – The Complete Guide 2

Like most massage chairs, the Kahuna massage chair LM 7000 is equipped with state-of-the-art automated rollers that massages the neck, shoulders, back, lumbar, and right down to the base of the glutes. 

Furthermore, what makes this massage chair intuitive are its three levels of Zero Gravity. As it further reclines the body, less tension is relieved in the lower back. When the massage chair reaches the third level, the total weight of the body is dispersed. As a result, it reduces blood pressure and corrects the spine’s posture as the L-track follows the spine’s natural curve.

Having three levels of Zero Gravity enables the user to enjoy several massage programs in varying angles to maximize comfort. These pre-installed programs range from Yoga, Renew, Relaxation, Recovery, Deep Tissue, and many more. Additionally, the refined automated rollers provide precise knead, tap, roll, and several other techniques.

Kahuna Kappa Massage Chair

How Kahuna Massage Chair Differ from Other Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chairs – The Complete Guide 3

Massage chairs come in different dimensions when it comes to massages. 2D rollers perform massages from left & right to up & down, while 3D rollers add depth, meaning how strong the pressure is exerted. However, massage chairs like the Kahuna Kappa Massage Chair have 4D rollers, with time as the fourth dimension to adjust the speed. Combined with the Zero Gravity feature, this gives the user the authentic feeling of a human massage. 

Having the body in a reclined position, coupled with a 4D massage, maximizes user experiences when using this massage chair. In addition, the 4D rollers perfectly support the zero-gravity feature to make it worth it to the users; whether at the spa, resort, or the household, the extra dimension of the massage will provide top-quality rest and relaxation.

Kahuna 4D SM9300 Massage Chair

How Kahuna Massage Chair Differ from Other Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chairs – The Complete Guide 4

Massage chairs are built with track rollers. These tracks enable the rollers to move along the spine’s natural curve to deliver extensive massages.

S-tracks, also known as sinusoidal tracks, massages the base of the neck, shoulders, and back. 

The L-track goes further by covering the neck, shoulders, back, glutes, and right down to the base of the hamstrings to let the user have that full body experience. 

However, massage chairs like the  Kahuna 4D SM9300 Massage Chair improve the track using HSL-track technology that sets the rollers to have well defined and precise rollers to enhance the massage experience.

Additionally, aside from the refined HSL-track technology, it has adjustable airbags that hug the body’s figure and envelop the arms with acupressure points to grip the extremities and stimulate the nerves.

Aside from the HSL-track technology, this massage chair enhances the zero-gravity feature by providing users with an adjustable leg rest that extends to fit the height of the user.

The Kahuna 4D SM9300 massage chair provides flexible adjustability to enjoy that zero-gravity experience.

Kahuna LM 6800 Massage Chair

How Kahuna Massage Chair Differ from Other Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chairs – The Complete Guide 5

It is worth noting that aside from rest and relaxation, massage chairs are industry tested to have health benefits as well. It relaxes tense muscles, promotes good circulation, corrects posture, and stretches the range of motion.

Massage chairs like the Kahuna LM 6800 massage chair broaden the benefits as it is equipped with a heat therapy feature. Essentially, heat therapy, also known as thermotherapy, stimulates the tissues using heat that results in the dilation of veins and promotes the release of analgesic hormones in the nerves.

Experience the soothing warmth of a massage in a reclined zero-gravity position, as heated pads around the lumbar area and leg rest stimulate the muscles seamlessly.


The Kahuna Massage chair collection levels up the zero-gravity setting using several built in additional features that supports it. These massage chairs emphasize the appeal and benefits of the zero-gravity feature which includes relieving tension in the back, distributing the body weight to reduce blood pressure, and correcting posture.

It is easy to research which massage chairs have a zero-gravity feature, but it takes a little more effort to find the perfect unit that will satisfy a user’s need.

The Kahuna Massage Chair collection is the perfect line of massage chairs to get the full and refined benefits of rest and relaxation using the state-of-the-art zero gravity experience.

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