Sendbird, the leading mobile engagement and communication company across in-app chat, voice, and video, today unveiled its new group calls capabilities for voice and video. With the latest Sendbird Calls API, it’s easier than ever to integrate high-quality group calling functionality to web and mobile applications. It enables developers to create another social interaction channel for users and extend chat experiences.

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“Everyone wants the magic of Clubhouse integrated into their digital experiences, that ability to have real, authentic group conversations within an app, and people are increasingly expecting these types of highly personal interactions,” said John Kim, CEO and co-founder of Sendbird. “Our group calls API makes it so simple for any company to build its own Clubhouse, preventing users from exiting the app in search of another messenger application, video service, or phone call.”

The Sendbird platform scales chat from 1-1 to multi-user conversations at massive scale through its channel features, including group channels, open channels, and Supergroups. The latest update to Sendbird Calls introduces multi-user support for high-quality voice and video calls, making an additional layer of social interaction available for small groups. With this initial release, Sendbird’s voice group calls currently accept up to 25 participants and video group calls a maximum of six participants, with larger groups coming soon.

Sendbird Calls API Delivers the Future of Business

Sendbird’s voice and video API is built on a highly secure and scalable platform. Easy to integrate, Sendbird Calls accelerates time to market, gives developers peace of mind, and grants them more time to focus on product development, innovation, and the customer experience. It is the ideal solution for organizations across a wide range of industries.

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For example, applications like Reddit, Meetup, or Subsplash bring people together to share common experiences or congregate around particular topics. Group calls help individuals feel a higher sense of belonging when engaging in audio or video conversations for things like special-interest discussions, counseling and support groups, or calls with family and friends.

Similarly, as the mobile gaming ecosystem continues to grow, so does the need for multiplayer games to support effective real-time communication among gamers. Group calls in gaming can be used to provide real-time audio communication between players on the same team, enhance post-game debriefs, or enable conversation-focused games that otherwise would only be possible in person. Group calls’ capabilities create a richer experience for all.

Group calls act as a bridge to face-to-face communications in an increasingly virtual world; they can accelerate information delivery, build trust, and strengthen relationships. The offering provides a valuable platform for service providers, particularly as more services are delivered by consultants, healthcare workers, support agents, and other organizations now operating online. Those who deliver specialized goods and services are able to better engage and support their customers virtually as well. Sendbird Calls brings all relevant collaborators together, improving communications and clarity.

From Clubhouse-like event providers to high-end concierge for shoppers, from health and fitness instruction to small group or 1:1 tutoring sessions, Sendbird Calls helps make connections come alive.

“People are hardwired to connect on a personal level. It’s how they develop empathy, social responsibility, and deeper bonds with one another,” noted Kim. “When companies provide quality pathways for interaction, it benefits their customers as well as their business by driving engagement, retention, and conversion. Those that harness the power of in-app voice and video to create a sense of trust and belonging ultimately achieves better outcomes.”

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