Boise DUI Attorney Supplies Non-Traditional Procedures For Clients Facing DUI Charges 1
For those who are facing the high stakes of a DUI charge, legal help is essential. The skills and compassion of Sam Bishop are part of the firm’s unconventional approach to legal representation.

Boise DUI Attorney Supplies Non-Traditional Procedures For Clients Facing DUI Charges 2

Idaho Legal Justice and Sam Bishop are pleased to announce that the Boise DUI attorney is known for his non-traditional methods of legal practice. He became disillusioned with the practices of many attorneys while still in law school. He resolved that he would be a different kind of attorney. From the beginning, Sam Bishop has made it a priority to avoid outdated legal practices. The Idaho Legal Justice team focuses on non-judgmental interaction with clients.

Idaho Legal Justice understands the high stakes which are involved when facing criminal charges. Clients facing DUI or other charges need certain characteristics from their legal representative. The attorney must be comfortable with communication throughout the entire process. Sam Bishop goes so far as to provide his cell phone number to the client to be reached as needed. A DUI charge is serious, and the repercussions can affect many aspects of the client’s life forever. Prior to each court appearance, there is a conversation with the client to understand what to expect and are thoroughly prepared for the upcoming event.

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It is vital to retain a lawyer who will work for the client. As soon as the Idaho Legal Justice team is retained, the prosecutor is notified that all evidence pertaining to the client must be produced. The client can view the evidence with the legal team to create a strategy and plan forward developed. The firm will be active throughout the entire process so the client can have peace of mind.

Respect is another foundational characteristic which the firm practices.  Sam understands that the client is not defined what they do. Anyone can make mistakes and be in trouble with the law. The Boise law firm leads in a resolution of the issues that are best for the client.

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Idaho Legal Justice is a legal firm devoted to communication, hard work and compassion for every client. Flat rate pricing is the practice of the firm. Whether the case is a misdemeanor or a felony, the services of a lawyer are required.

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