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UK – MyHealthGuide.org is an online portal created by a small group of people who got fed up with the number of old, obsolete, and unreliable health websites available. The team is constantly working to enhance the site’s user experience while also safeguarding personal information and engaging with health professionals from all over the world. They started with a single goal in mind; to help people improve their health by providing the most reliable articles on various health aspects. Recently, the site has launched a research article on the correlation of Covid-19 with hair problems and constant hair damage. 

Is Covid-19 the actual cause of hair loss, or is it the tension caused by the pandemic which affects it? The article talks about everything one needs to know about this newfound bond, as well as some simple ways a person can start improving his hair health right away. It outlines recent studies and analyses whether the disease affects hair strength or not. According to the studies, they make readers get a clear understanding of COVID-19 and hair loss. It is difficult to say if Covid-19 causes hair loss.

Hair loss is multifactorial, with biology, hormones, disease, drugs, and lifestyle all believed to play a role. Hair follicle cycling may be altered by either of these fundamental causes, resulting in a shorter growth period (anagen), a delayed growth phase, or hair thinning due to follicular miniaturization. Furthermore, it sheds light on the actual cause of hair problems and relates it to stress caused due to the pandemic. The article also provides some treatments and easy home remedies to improve overall hair health despite the distress. 

The website is a credible, medically verified source of knowledge. MyHealthGuide.org is committed to providing the readers with accurate, medically reviewed, and up-to-date information about their health. They aim to publish write-ups on new health trends regularly, refute old research with new data, and provide free, accurate expert-backed medical research from time to time.

The writing process involves knowledgeable authors from various backgrounds. Multiple contributors, both with and without medical experience, may contribute to the papers. However, the reliable review process ensures that all the material is medically correct. The evaluation procedure is a rigorous test to guarantee professional medical writings. After the article is published, the specialists either conduct a thorough medical review or a meticulous fact-check to ensure that all of the facts are accurate and in line with current medical findings and consensus. Only accredited MDs and MBBS who are currently licensed to work in a health facility make up their medical review board. Every degree gets checked for legitimacy and authenticity. The site uses fact-checkers with a track record of research programs for non-health posts.

The board also qualifies to maintain a procedure for timely updating details with accuracy. These people update and review famous articles every year or every two years. The transparent process makes sure that the people receive only that information that is valid and up-to-date. 

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