The New World of Social Networking: How Emojizing is Redefining Online Branding 1

The New World of Social Networking: How Emojizing is Redefining Online Branding 2

Over the past year, the world has seen somewhat of a digital renaissance. New companies have sprouted up, companies have taken business online, and social presence has become king. Due to COVID-19 and the various lockdowns across the world, brands were faced with a sink-or-swim phenomenon, increasing their social media and online footprint to remain relevant. When physical face-to-face contact is limited, one must rely on a strong online presence to survive. Navigating these waters can be treacherous, and sometimes even the most successful businesses still need a helping hand in taking their brand to the next level. Emojizing, the premier creative social platform, has created a purpose-driven system to help businesses grow and dramatically increase their online presence through the innovative use of emojis as a URL shortener.

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Social landing pages and bio links have become increasingly popular over the past two years. As more social media platforms pop up, businesses and individuals begin to expand their portfolio to include upward of five platforms to which they post content to. To sidestep the confusion that can result from the mess of links and handles, social landing pages and bio links were created to house everything in one URL. The problem? These URLs are typically boring, unbranded, and easily broken.

Emojizing has created a platform to not only organize content using a bio link, but build and scale online presence for brands of all shapes and sizes. By creating an emoji-based style shortened URL to house all content from various social platforms, Emojizing makes it easy for brands to guide their audience on a comprehensive content journey rather than linking out to various locations.

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The use of emojis in shortened URLs has seldom been seen before in creative marketing. Offering a wide range of emojis to choose from, Emojizing empowers brands to proclaim their individuality and flaunt their creative side. When it comes to content marketing, whatever catches the eye the fastest, wins. Most would click on a pink unicorn link before they click on a boring shortened link of the past. For this reason, there has been a steady increase of large brands beginning to use this type of platform. Global names such as MGM, Mailchimp, and Budweiser have all implemented this revolutionary technology to take their audience on a creative social journey unlike any other.

Offering both free and premium packages, Emojizing holds the creative key required to stand out from the competition in a world saturated with countless links and content. Through proof of concept, dedication to innovation, and unwavering commitment to helping brands thrive in the digital renaissance; Emojizing’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition.

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