Connatix Launches Marketplace; Content Creation Made Easy for Publishers 1

Connatix, the next-generation video technology company for publishers, announced todaythe launch of its Marketplace, a rich-content library filled with easily accessible and dynamically updated videos created by Connatix for publishers. Marketplace is the latest offering available in Elements, the leading online video player and integrated advertising exchange, and publishers including AdMetricsPro, which provides video monetization and content to more than 100 domains, are already utilizing the service.

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“Publishers are producing more content than ever to keep audiences informed and engaged through the ever changing news cycle. But creating and constantly updating content isn’t always easy,” explained David Kashak, CEO at Connatix. “The Connatix-produced dynamic videos in the Marketplace help publishers scale their video production capabilities at a lower cost while enhancing existing content and supporting strategic editorial needs. Take sports highlight videos, for example. Instead of investing time creating multiple videos to summarize professional basketball team stats, our platform introduces a new framework that creates these videos automatically.”

At launch, three types of videos will be available in the Marketplace: “Next Game,” which gives team stats, matchup previews and game recaps for professional sports teams; “Market Update,” which provides a performance overview of the stock market that updates daily once the NYSE closes; and “This Day in History,” which recaps notable events. These dynamic videos have a longer shelf life than traditional, static videos and help publishers save time on recurring content so they can focus on more creative and strategic editorial needs.4

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The underlying automation used to create the videos in Marketplace is another advantage that stems from Connatix’s acquisition of Israeli startup Kamidoo in February 2019. An automated content enhancement platform powered by deep learning, Kamidoo leverages natural language processing to understand the content’s context and also create dynamic, narrative-enhancing infographics automatically for publishers. The advanced technology is integrated with Connatix’s technology, adding a dynamic and interactive layer to its existing capabilities.

“The videos in the Connatix Marketplace can turn the overhead of video content creation into a higher-value proposition for your organization,” said Dor Leitman, VP of AI and Content Automation at Connatix. “These videos automatically synthesize and update information to show the latest matchup previews and important stats for sports teams, daily market performance, and historical facts about the day that change based on the reader’s timezone. When paired with our advanced AI and contextual technology, which serve contextually related videos based on an article’s content, these videos can enhance an existing editorial strategy.”

The Marketplace and Connatix-produced videos are the latest innovative solutions that help publishers remove the hassle from content creation while generating meaningful engagement and revenue and preserving the creativity and ingenuity of editorial teams.

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