Instant Car Repair Burnaby Maintains Social Distance While Providing Auto Repair & Vehicle Inspection in Burnaby, BC 1

Burnaby, BC – Instant Car Repair Burnaby is a top-ratedauto repair shop in Burnaby, BC. The car repair company has announced providing Social Distancing Approved Service during Covid-19 Pandemic in Burnaby, BC. With the Social Distancing Approved Service, Burnaby residents will still enjoy auto repair and inspection services like before, but in a safety-controlled procedure. The company’s representative has noted that regardless of the pandemic, it would still be committed to maintaining its clients’ motor vehicle functions.

Being approved by the relevant regulatory authorities, the Social Distancing Approved Service will not serve the residents, but also play a major role in serving fundamental in combating the virus and its spread. Instant Car Repair Burnaby management prioritizes the safety and biosafety of its employees, as well as its customers. This can be shown by the management’s well-developed service solution. The service will be implemented by Instant Car Repair Burnaby’s certified and insured technicians who are well-knowledgeable in their field area and have the required professional expertise for a memorable service experience.

Instant Car Repair Burnaby Maintains Social Distance While Providing Auto Repair & Vehicle Inspection in Burnaby, BC 2Customers in and around Burnaby who require the service can be assured that the professionals will maintain the social distance. From the service delivery to the payment options, everything will be conducted with the client’s safety in mind.

This Social Distancing Approved Service will cover most of the company’s car repair and inspection services that include diagnostic services such as no car start diagnostic, suspension diagnostic, electrical diagnostic and repair, charging diagnostic, brake diagnostic, leak diagnostic, and noise diagnostic.

Instant Car Repair Burnaby’s social distancing program also covers suspension and steering services, including shocks and struts, control arms, axles, and bushings. Adding to these, Burnaby car owners can also access brake service, brake pad and rotor replacement, brake master cylinder, ABS Brake Service and Diagnostic, drum brake and brake fluid replacement.

The team will also address coolant leak, valve cover gasket, oil and radiator leak, and oil pan gasket. Burnaby residents that are experiencing battery issues can access battery replacement, service, system testing, and programming.

Auto repair shop in Burnaby, Canada strives to offer quality engine maintenance services, including engine oil and filter change, cabin and air filter, fuel system, tire swap, and tune-up. The social distancing program will also cater to noise caused by faulty fans, belts, and suspensions, as well as towing services, such as boost, flat tire replacement, and home repairs.

Describing the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction, Instant Car Repair Burnaby’s representative noted: “Instead of sending your car to a “black box”, we want to show you all the work so you can be sure it was done right. With over 20,000 customers in the last five years- we have worked hard and right for our customers.”

To have a better understanding of the services, contact the expert by calling +1 604-256-0834. Visit their website for more information about auto repair and vehicle services. Instant Car Repair Burnaby is located in Burnaby, BC.

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