Shylise M. Simpson and Shay Marie have released a new business book to guide employers on practical keys to motivate and retain their employees and it is now available on Amazon

Employers continue to compete with the Employment Development Department (EDD) and this is a hard piece to deal with. Employees on the other hand want to enjoy fulfilment alongside worthy compensation. It used to be easy to retain employees because past business models proved that just by giving them decent pay an employer will keep his or her employees happy and satisfied. Well, the narrative is different today as it now takes more than just decent pay to keep employees satisfied.

In response to this change in the narrative around the business world, Shylise M. Simpson and Shay Marie have written a new book titled “Motivation beyond Compensation: 5 Keys to Employee Retention”. This new book contains 5 strategic keys with which employers can effectively motivate and compensate their workforce. The book will show employers how to kindle a resilient spirit in their staff so they are willing to give their all for the growth of the company and be happy they are doing so.

Speaking about the new book, Co-Author Shylise M Simpson had this to say, “Retaining employees is more than money. If employees are not fulfilled they will not work. Employers have to figure out how to compete with EDD therefore they must push past just compensation and think motivation.” Hence, the goal of employee retention is not to provide them with decent pay but to ensure they are fulfilled.

A must-read for CEOs, Business Owners, Human Resource Managers, General Managers, Leaders, and Board Members, “Motivation beyond Compensation: 5 Keys to Employee Retention” addresses the top 5 preventable reasons employees quit their jobs according to the Workforce Institute 2019 Retention Report. It also shows employers how to create an effective employee retention program that will allow them to dig deeper into their staffing by taking on a more holistic approach while investing in the things that are fulfilling to employees.

About Shylise M. Simpson

Shylise Simpson has over 19 years of professional business development and motivational experience. Ms. Simpson is the Co-Founder of Ebonic Economics and has worked her entire business career in the political, entertainment, and non-profit arena. She currently holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration.

Working for others in the business world in her early career, she was often challenged to correct specific issues and problems within the parent company, or often, with branches, subsidiaries, and partners. The rewards of these challenges and the successes that followed led to the passion for a transition to a full-time, independent small-business advisor, management consultant, and event planner.

Book Details

Title: Motivation beyond Compensation: 5 Keys to Employee Retention

Author(s): Shylise M. Simpson and Shay Marie


Independently Published

Publication Date: April 23, 2021

Price: $16.64 for paperback and $7.54 for the kindle version

Category: Business & Economics

ISBN: 979-8621817121

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