Revolutionary Pen Scanner, Translator, and Recorder Boeleo To Go Live on Kickstarter 1
Touch screen pen scanner, translator, and recorder, Boeleo, to be launched on Kickstarter via a fundraising campaign

The makers of Boeleo have announced plans to launch the groundbreaking touch screen pen scanner, translator, and recorder on Kickstarter. The product is designed for instant translation of texts scanned, voices recorded or photo snapped, ultimately making every user multilingual, irrespective of their location, considering the portability of the pen-like tool. In a related development, a $3,000 fundraising campaign is set to be launched on Kickstarter to fund the mass production of the tool.

One of the major challenges faced by millions of travelers across the globe is the language barrier. While several solutions have emerged over the years to serve as translating tools, many of such products do not meet the needs of users in terms of comprehensiveness and ease of use. However, Shenzhen Boeleo Intelligent Co., Ltd is looking to change this narrative with the upcoming launch of the Boeleo translator.

Boeleo offers a wide range of features that stand it out from other similar tools, improving language learning and work efficiency by helping users understand and practically speak any language they desire, ultimately making them a global citizen.

The amazing features of Boeleo include a 23mm macro camera at 120FPS to capture every letter and ensure accurate translation, 2-way talk buttons for translating languages for conversations, multimedia builtin BOX speakers, 116 supported languages in online mode, dual-mic with noise cancellation, and compatibility with 200 countries’ SIM cards. Boeleo also serves as a recorder, with a 4-hour capacity and 11 supported languages in offline mode. It also has 4G worldwide internet and WiFi connectivity. 

The Kickstarter campaign comes with several rewards for backers, including discounts for people interested in being a part of the next generation of global citizens.

For more information about Boeleo, please visit Kickstarter.

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