Adam Wiseman Launches Self-paced Course on Building Productive Relationships with Challenging Clients 1
New mental health coursework teaches business professionals empathy, de-escalation techniques, and motivational skills.

If there’s anything that the world has magnified during these challenging times, it is both the fragility and resilience of our mental health. People have started directing their energies to manage their families, jobs, and sadly, self-care for many has taken a backseat. The effects of isolation vary, but apathy and irritability are common.

As people work and engage with different clients whom they probably only interact with virtually, there’s an even greater tendency to reduce these strangers to merely good or toxic. Knowing where they are coming from when they react unpleasantly is mostly out of the question, and even if understood, what should you do about it? That missing piece of empathy and mental health skills that could lead to understanding and productivity can be honed by Adam Wiseman, Certified Health Executive (CHE) and Project Management Professional (PMP) of Quality Mental Health Interventions (QMHI) Training and Consulting.

Adam understands the connection between mental health skills and client and colleague engagement. He’s passionate in his efforts to teach business professionals the awareness, understanding, and skills needed to build productive relationships with people experiencing mental health challenges.

With work-from-home setups here and there, it is even more challenging to build valuable relationships with clients since the best interaction that people can get nowadays is commonly via virtual call. It can be frustrating as communicating through digital channels might not come across as authentic as it can be when clarifying or relaying something in person. The solution that Adam designed is to teach professionals the art of turning “toxic” clients into productive ones through an engaging and interactive online certificate course.

One might think that another online activity would be too tiring considering the rampant webinar fatigue. There’s nothing to worry about regarding that matter since interested professionals can learn at their own pace. “It doesn’t take long to teach mental health awareness, understanding, and skills to learn how to work with challenging clients, boost your bottom line and take care of your own well-being, After that, the more you practice, the better you will get,” Adam said.

This new online training course, Mental Health for Professional Relationships, can be accomplished in as little as a day as it is only a 5-hour program. Quality education is guaranteed because Adam is a certified Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace Advisor, crisis intervention instructor, suicide alertness trainer, and ran the Forensic Assertive Community Treatment program at Canada’s largest community mental health organization.

Many can attest to their meaningful experience of taking this course at

The focus of this course is strengthening de-escalation and motivational skills which are not being taught in schools. Further, the sessions are accredited by a variety of professional organizations for education credits.

Adam strongly believes that “We all have mental health, just like we all have physical health.” Taking this course would be a good investment to effectively practice self-care, empathy, and productivity.

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