MEYA app: music as a tool to transcend limitations and begin living more consciously 1
MEYA app: music as a tool to transcend limitations and begin living more consciously
The “intention” of MEYA music is different: the original purpose of art was to elevate the spirit.

Anyone who loves music and clubbing has experienced at least once that moment of inner connectedness on the dance floor. MEYA app leverages the entraining power of music to help elevate the listener’s energy and change the beliefs and vision that affect the course of living. Unlike other meditation apps, however, this one is all about fusing rhythm and sound with meditation and inspiring insights. It’s a combination of positive calibrated language with electronic music created specifically to maximize its sound healing potential.

The app features include solfeggio frequencies—among them the famed 432 Hz, shown to vibrate water molecules into harmonious alignment—and a binaural beat technology, which relies on headphones to feed different sounds through each ear. The resulting third frequency entrains the listener’s brainwaves to the desired state. Add to this an inviting, trance-inducing pulse and MEYA turns a typically static process into a dynamic one, harnessing the way music can physically bring us into the present moment. Whether it’s during a meditation or while running in the park, MEYA-powered moments take the listener into the here-and-now without putting excess demands on your self-control.

Many users report that with MEYA they do not struggle as much to keep thoughts out and body awareness in. Some people who previously found meditation outright impossible to put into practice are now able to discover its benefits and fully enjoy the experience.

The “intention” of MEYA music is different: the original purpose of art was to elevate the spirit, in contrast to much of today’s art, which tends to be about self-expression, personal relationships, sex, society, politics, etc. Working across many genres, the in-house electronic music producers and guest DJs who create the MEYA “Music Mind Journeys” and pure music tracks do so with the intention to elevate.

Pure electronic music with sound healing properties is one section of the app called Music: binaural beats to help sleep or focus, chill sets, dynamic dance meditation and more. In the section called Mind, the sessions are aimed to maximize the potential for focus and creativity through guided meditations, visualizations, and positive affirmations. Finally, in Awakening the guided sessions help to gain a new empowering perspective of reality, to be more present, to deal with difficult emotions and to change one’s outlook on life. It’s as though the healing music helps us learn from these lessons so that even when the music stops, the practice can continue. Helpfully, many of the MEYA tracks explain how to implement the new in practice. The sessions address different topics around mindfulness while the music works its magic in the background. The effects are positive, immediate, and lasting. A new perspective. More energy for spiritual growth. Enhanced hope that change is possible.

“MEYA app is available on app store and google play and offer 30 days free trial.”

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