How Alon Goltsman Is Innovating the Marketing Industry to Help Scale Businesses 1
How Alon Goltsman at OneCore Media is revolutionizing the marketing landscape.

How Alon Goltsman Is Innovating the Marketing Industry to Help Scale Businesses 2

At a mere age of 23 years old, Alon Goltsman, has been able to build an entire Media department from the ground up at OneCore Media. When he joined the department back in 2016 it consisted of just one other employee. Fast forward today, the Media department went from primarily focusing on Google & Facebook to one that leverages a variety of ad channels, focuses on strategic partnerships, and utilizes holistic data management software. Creating some of the most innovative strategies in the industry, Alon has been able to take simple media platforms and create strategies for clients that will brand them, educate their audiences and ultimately generate bottom-line results. “It’s not about increasing your pipeline, it’s about how your world visualizes your brand,” is a quote Alon swears by. Understandably, Alon’s Media Department now plays an instrumental role in the holistic marketing solutions OneCore offers its clients.

Under Alon’s direction, the department has won Agency of the Year, not once, but twice due to the results he was able to bring to his clients. Ad World Masters awards strictly on the basis of the results agencies are able to generate for their clients, leaving no room for politics or biases. This results-driven method was recognized two years in a row, virtually at the start of Alon’s tenure at the department. Awarding based on the strict criteria of results generation truly reinforces OneCore’s attitude towards data-driven marketing. This results-driven approach to marketing was noted by Steven Tulman, President of Clover Mortgage, who stated that: “It has been the utmost pleasure working with Alon, as OneCore truly became our marketing partner. Not only were they able to generate hundreds of high-quality leads each month, but their holistic approach to marketing allowed us to identify other opportunities within our business and as a result we were able to expand our business faster.”

Alon’s success in OneCore’s Media Department can be attributed to the mere fact that Alon chooses to specialize in select industries when it comes to marketing. This has brought on average a 600% increase in revenue for clients within the e-commerce, financial, medical, educational and home improvement space. By generating strategic partnerships with the most trustworthy data providers, and leveraging data by specific industries, the two work in unison, and this approach is unparalleled, ultimately exceeding the boundaries of expectation. Alon’s ultimate rule of thumb is to underpromise and overdeliver.

The media department now houses a team of experts within Search, Social, Programmatic, and Data Science. With an ever-growing team and a full-scale R&D department, Alon and OneCore Media expect to see unparalleled growth for each of their clients and partners. OneCore Media is a boutique agency, and has a different perspective when it comes to the way they approach their clients’ success; they are entirely committed to achieving it. Worldwide recognition is just the beginning for OneCore and Alon Goltsman, so keep an eye out for how they will revolutionize the digital marketing landscape.

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