Revolutionize Industrial waste tracking and measure fresh product flow with no field upgrade costs 1
Revolutionize Industrial waste tracking and measure fresh product flow with no field upgrade costs

Dover, DE – May 21, 2021 – TempusFlow is a 3-Dimensional Flow SensorSystem designed to measure product flow through any legacy Valvewithout disrupting the existing process. Designed with environmental friendliness in mind, it is a game-changer for measuring flow in Green Smart Buildings, Agricultural Irrigation, and legacy Oil/Energy Valveinfrastructure upgrades. The design is perfect for updating versus replacing outdated IndustrialValves and faucets it eliminates the need for expensive plumbing modifications.

Smart Valves

Smart Valves have revolutionized the measurement of productive efficiency in Industrial, Agricultural, and other Valve-based Systems. Designed to measure flow and link the results to the cloud or enterprise systems, they can accurately measure the material flow. The first step to controlling any System is to measure it, which is what smart Valves are created for.

TempusFlow is an innovative technology family of valve upgrade devices designed to accurately measure any liquid, gases, or solid material flow through existing “dumb” Valves.TempusFlow can be used with any motion-controlled IndustrialValve or Faucet, as the 3-Dimensional tracking of the Valve handle is all that is needed when measuring product flow, with known drive pressure. This innovative IndustrialValveAutomation Technology can be linked with the internet, enterprise or other cloud-based Systems monitoring yield of product at the “Point of Pour”.

Non-invasive Flow Sensor

Suppose you’ve already used intelligent Valve or flow Sensors for your product line, AgriculturalSystem, or Home Automation; you are probably aware of the benefits. So, what makes TempusFlow different? The answer lies in the non-invasive design and smart Internet of Things (IoT) Automation Technology. This family of Sensors work with any existing plumbing setup and does not touch the actual product being distributed. Therefore, it is not subject to clogging and is compatible with any underlying safety profile of the product being distributed. What really makes it stand out is the price. It is more viable for Industrial and Process Control applications at only 1/10th the cost compared to other intelligent Smart Sensors Valves considering; purchase, plumbing and integration costs.  Best of all it seamlessly integrates with your existing management resource Systems.

TempusFlow products

TempusFlow is an efficient measurement Sensors based on innovative technology and non-invasive measurement. The TempusFlow family is perfect for measuring product flow in IndustrialValve Systems. It is based upon ultra-low power devices reporting flow 24/7/356 for x number of years accurately measuring and delivering live results. TempusFlow is designed for Industrial use and residential areas like Home Automation. It can accurately measure the flow through a faucet, Ball Valve, or other legacy Valve. The possibilities are endless.

About Tempus Flow LLC is a game-changer in the upgrading of IndustrialValveAutomation Technology. The eco-friendly and Smart Valves can revolutionize product flow measurement and waste in Agricultural, Industrial, commercial and residential applications. With a wide range of effective measurement Sensor tools, measuring product flow and waste material is now easier than ever.

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