AV Access Introduces HDIP100 Zero-Configuration Distributed IP Matrix System to Replace Traditional MxN Matrix 1
When it comes to AV over IP solution, common users tend to spend a lot of time configuring the Ethernet switch for many-to-many applications. AV Access HDIP100 zero-configuration IP solution is designed to solve this problem. It can work with unmanaged switches, providing real plug-and-play user experience.
HDIP100 is AV Access’s brand-new AV over IP solution featuring zero configuration. With matrix switching, video wall support, easy visual control, H.265 codec, fast seamless switching and other amazing features, this solution is ideal for wide applications like sports bar, restaurant, shopping mall, retail store, casino, school, etc.

AV Access, a leading brand in the online market of Pro AV industry, recently announced the addition of HDIP100 AV over IP solution to the company’s IP product portfolio. HDIP100 has spread a new idea to the whole industry as it requires no configuration on Ethernet switch. It offers an absolutely simple, economical and reliable IP-based solution; users can complete its installation even without professional guidance. With its easy-to-use and plug-n-play features, HDIP100 can be widely used in sports bars, conference rooms, digital signages, etc.

AV Access Introduces HDIP100 Zero-Configuration Distributed IP Matrix System to Replace Traditional MxN Matrix 2

Redefine AV over IP Solution with Zero Configuration

HDIP100 H.265 AV over IP solution is designed for users without any IP knowledge. It supports both unicast and multicast streaming, so it can work flawlessly with universal Ethernet switch, both managed and unmanaged. Users don’t have to configure the IGMP protocol on the Ethernet switch for many-to-many applications.

“HDIP100 is as easy as HDBaseT products, just plug and play, quite user-friendly to installers. According to our research data, most traditional IP solution can only work with managed switch. Their users need to spend a lot of time configuring the IGMP protocol,” commented Mandy Xiong, CEO at AV Access.

More Flexible and Cost-Effective than Traditional Matrixes

HDIP100 AV over IP solution supports one-to-one application, so only one pair of encoder and decoder can work together to transmit 1080P HD video signal up to 394ft/120m. Users can also add more units of encoders or decoders to form a distributed IP matrix system, which is far more flexible and cost-effective than traditional matrixes.

“You can use any number of encoders or decoders as you want. HDIP100 is flexible and easy to maintain, while traditional matrixes are usually fixed in a MxN form. They are highly integrated, not scalable, and difficult to maintain. HDIP100 is more cost-efficient when you need irregular matrix switching like 3×7, 5×9 and 15×40 or when you need to build a matrix larger than 8×8,” explained Mandy.

Build a Video Wall in Minute

In terms of device compatibility, users can install the “VDirector” App on their mobile devices for visual control, including iPhone and iPad, Andriod smartphone and tablet, Windows PC and tablet, etc. Besides, HDIP100 supports RS232 control passing through a 3rd party device like a projector. It can also be integrated into a 3rd party control system like Crestron.

With “VDirector”, visual control on palms can be quite easy. The wireless router delivers data from the codecs to the mobile device via Ethernet switch. With just a few drag-and-drop steps, users can perform matrix switching, or build a video wall up to 8×8 with different layouts. Fast and seamless switching is also supported for better user experience. The decoder is equipped with a built-in scaler, so users can switch one video source to another in a fast and seamless way.

What’s more, this zero-configuration system supports H.265 video compression, L/R stereo audio de-embedding, RS232 pass-through, PoE and other functions.

AV Access Introduces HDIP100 Zero-Configuration Distributed IP Matrix System to Replace Traditional MxN Matrix 3

“In addition to HDIP100, we also have 4KIP100-KVM IP extender specially designed for multiple one-to-one applications like control center and video surveillance center. And we will release our first wireless IP extender (HDW100) in early June to further enrich our whole IP product line. Different from traditional IP solutions requiring complicated configuration, they are all quite easy to install and plug-n-play,” concluded Mandy.

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