German Singers Olaf & Hans Announces Hit Song “Du Blöde Kuh Du” Now Has an English Version 1
Pop/rock singers and songwriters Olaf & Hans announces their hit song “Du blöde Kuh Du” (“You crazy Moo Moo”) is now available in English to satisfy their international fans

German singing duo Olaf & Hans announce that their latest hit song, “Du blöde Kuh Du” (“You crazy Moo Moo”), is now available in English version by popular demand. The original song in German was released on April 9, 2021, and went viral with thousands of daily streaming and download.

Olaf & Hans’s performance in the rock/pop song is legendary. They offer fans party music that has gone viral and now trending in several countries worldwide. From the catchy lyrics to the funky beats and the “mooing of the cow,” there is no dull moment for fans.

They’ve also released the music video that features the two singers, the cows, and a group of beautiful and gorgeous dancers. The dance choreography of the girls is on point as it elevates the value and creativity of the music.

German Singers Olaf & Hans Announces Hit Song “Du Blöde Kuh Du” Now Has an English Version 2

Olaf & Hans are two friends that started their music career several years ago, releasing their first single in 1993. But then the two of them took a break from the music industry to pursue other careers. Olaf is a professional chef and event organizer, while Hans is a guitarist and music producer. Two decades later, they’re back in the music game, releasing hit after hit and delivering quality entertainment to their fans and pop music lovers.

They currently have a playlist with about 16 songs, available for download, streaming, and purchase on their official website, The playlist includes “Du bist mein Stern” (“You are my star”), a hit party song released in 2014, and the single “Nach dem Feiern geh’n wir heiern” (“After Party we go to bed”), which was released in 2016 and reached gold status in Austria.

In 2016 they released their album “Schmerzfrei!” (“Painless!”), which went to number 39 on the official German album charts. They also received the Smago Award in the category “Chart Sensation of the Year.”

Apart from making and releasing hit songs, Olaf & Hans also perform on stage at events, including large ones with more than 20,000 fans in attendance. The singers are available for exclusive bookings, tours, and TV inquiries on request.

German Singers Olaf & Hans Announces Hit Song “Du Blöde Kuh Du” Now Has an English Version 3

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About Olaf & Hans

Olaf & Hans are pop/rock songwriters, music producers, and singers based in Germany. The duo has been in the music business for more than three decades, and they have a unique style and rhythm that fans have come to love.

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