Rehab Center Calls on Meditation Therapists to Help Addicts with Recovery 1

An addiction rehab center in Toronto has called on people fighting addiction to consider meditation therapists to help with their journey.

Addiction Rehab Toronto is encouraging its patients to use the ancient tool of meditation as part of their recovery process.

A spokesman for Addiction Rehab Toronto said: “Meditation dates back to 1500BC in Eastern cultures. It is a tool of mindfulness and it is really helpful for people battling addiction and that is why we have a team of meditation therapists on our team.

“There are lots of different types of meditation and it is important that people look at all of the different types of meditation and find the one that fits and suits them. Just because they don’t like one particular style of meditation, doesn’t mean it is not for them. That is so important to remember as it is such a powerful too in addiction recovery,” he added.

Different types of meditation include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Meditation, Mindfulness meditation, guided meditation mindfulness, observing the breath, deep breathing, belly breathing, counting your breath, following the breath with music, guided body scans, self affirmations, mindful walks, mindful eating, mindful reading and mindful writing.

The spokesman said: “We think meditation for rehab is so powerful that we have a whole list of programs for our patients that are related to mediation. We offer in house one-on-one counselling, psychotherapy, music therapy, self-love group, culinary therapy, art therapy, CBT, DBT, spa services, yoga and Muay Thai.

“Our rehab center also has an onsite gym and an onsite library. We hold outdoor campfires, feelings wheels and encourage our patients to journal their thoughts and feelings. All of these activities are positive actions that help channelling positivity and creating new activities away from the activities that are addiction triggers for patients.

“All of these programs help our clients to develop coping skills and get to a point where they can leave the in-house program and function in the outside world with suffering a relapse,” he added.

Traditional meditation is sitting still in a quiet place and focusing on your breathing to reduce physical and mental stress. It helps people to focus and gain clarity. This is a key skill when someone is fighting addiction. To help them stay focused on living a sober life.

The program that Addiction Rehab Toronto hosts for its clients includes how to practice mindfulness, how to become distress tolerant, how to communicate clearly and listen, and managing emotions that might trigger a relapse.

The spokesman added: “Meditation will help with sleep, recovery, reduce stress and the overall quality of life of our clients. It is a crucial part of the recovery journey.”

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Addiction Rehab Toronto is a specialist clinic that helps people recover from addictions, including alcohol, drugs and prescription pain killers. It has more than 20 different programs to help people overcome their addictions. They run inpatient and outpatient programs, including medical detox.

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