TextGears Introduces Grammar Check API for Better Language Quality, Error-Free Content 1
TextGears Introduces Grammar Check API for Better Language Quality, Error-Free Content

Online grammar check and text analysis service provider TextGears has introduced a Grammarcheck API. This exciting new feature allows users and businesses to integrate the latest grammar and syntax check technologies for text analysis with any product. Be it simple mobile apps or bulky enterprise developments, with the TextGears API, cleaning up error ridden text has become easy and affordable. This API offers so much more, from determining the readability of the text to evaluating the approximate vocabulary of the author.

TextGears offers all requisite features for checking articles, blogs, papers, reports or any text. The major features include grammar checks, spell checking, auto correction, readability, text analysis, language detection, summarization and keywords extraction. TextGears also finds grammar and stylistic errors. In addition to English, TextGears supports languages such as French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Greek. 

“With the TextGears API, we have taken online grammar checking and text analyzing a couple of notches higher. It’s very simple and easy to use”, said a spokesperson from TextGears. 

Many companies, Universities and students around the world have begun to use TextGears to check essays and other works. Linguistic experts consider this API to be a handy text analysis tool and use it to check their own research. In order to make online grammar check and text analysis accessible and affordable, TextGears offers up to 90% discount to teachers and students.

The TextGears API guarantees better and error-free writing. Over 500 companies use TextGears API each day and more than 7,200,000 API requests per day are currently being received. To speed up access globally, TextGears has servers in three countries, namely USA, Estonia and Singapore. 

TextGears API acts as a guide and helps to improve one’s writing skills by evaluating the vocabulary of the author of the text. With all these features and more, using TextGears API will ensure quality, compelling and mistake-free content all the time.

For more information, please visit: www.textgears.com

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