The Hot Season is Approaching Vaughan and AC Repair, and Installation is Now Affordable 1

For Canadians, the weather can be tricky, going from cold to excessively hot quite quickly with no warning.  Especially in Vaughan, most residential and commercial property owners are now preparing for the hot weather by having their older AC units cleaned and repaired, or even installing a whole new unit, which might be a combination heating and cooling unit.  Too many individuals struggle with an inefficient heating and cooling unit for too many years, costing money in utility bills.  This happens because of the idea that it is too expensive to replace or maintain an existing unit.

ALP Heating LTD, in Vaughan, installs and services all types of units in Vaughan and the surrounding areas,  which are open during the Pandemic, with pricing that includes monthly installation plans that almost everyone can afford.  The company is so proud of its reputation and so sure of the quality of its AC installation services that they offer a full ten-year warranty, which is unheard of in this business. 

AC installation and repair in Vaughan is not just a simple matter of quick installation.  The installation technicians must first assess the property and look for holes, faulty wiring, faulty ducts, and air quality and circulation.  All these factors must be taken into consideration for the best installation possible, one that works well and saves money in utility costs.  ALP Heating LTD ensures that technicians are trained to ensure the best AC installation and repair possible. 

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning) installation is not just a simple type of field and it does take years of experience to install, maintain and repair units.  While many general contractors may offer this type of service cheaply, it very seldom works correctly and installation that is slipshod can be dangerous even.  With a ten-year warranty and a lease payment plan in place there is no reason for any property owner to choose any other company but ALP Heating LTD. 

One Vaughan resident was so satisfied, he said this, “ALP Heating checked all my ductwork, wiring, and even air quality before they started work.  My AC unit was working sporadically at best and my utility bills were high for years.  Now that the unit is completely replaced, and I signed up for the payment plan, I save enough on utility bills each month, to pay the monthly payments.  This was so well worth the money I am only sorry I did not hire ALP sooner!” 

Sometimes a simple repair and not an entire installation needs only to be done.  A consultation with ALP will clear up the issues that need to be addressed as many times motors or compressors as well as duct work can need repair and make a unit run like it was brand new.  All consultations are free with ALP and there is no need to struggle with inefficient units now during hot weather.

About ALP Heating  

ALP Heating LTD has been providing HVAC services to Vaughan for years now.  The focus now, with the warmer weather approaching is on AC installation and repairs, as well as maintenance.  There is a 10-year warranty on installations of new units, and monthly lease purchase payment plans.  Consultations are fee and all technicians are bonded and insured. 

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