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Damaged goods or products that are not safely warehoused and distributed properly cost Canadian businesses and other North American businesses, money each time damage occurs.  Go Reliable, a known name in the Canadian freight industry, located in Vaughan, ON, is now focusing on its warehousing and distribution services and has a direct webpage devoted to this offering, called Reliable Transportation Link. 

The main center for RTL, is Toronto, ON.  Since the Pandemic, goods and products must now be warehoused, or distributed in a more concise and concerted way.  The needs of clients have changed, and RTL offers more flexibility in distribution, warehousing, and its other offerings such as small parcel and LTL and TL transportation.  Complete safety in all warehousing of products now is ensured via use of added surveillance.  Supply chain needs are now a singular priority for RTL.  Expedient distribution and enhanced warehouse safety are priorities.

As a spokesperson stated, “In order to satisfy the needs of our clients, we have expanded our facilities in Toronto to over one million square feet of inside and outside warehousing storage. These facilities are located across Canada and the United States, with major destinations a priority.  RTL also is committed to the complete tracking of inventory to ensure accuracy and works with each client to reduce inventory thereby reducing cycle times.  This can cut back on costs for each client and ensure the sustainability of each product.  Maximizing space is working well for us, and of course, for our clients.”

In addition to adding CCTV security systems, RTL has guards that do surveillance around the clock on all warehouses.  There is nothing left to chance.  These guards are used seven days a week as well.  Especially with the warehousing and distribution of hazardous materials, these important elements must be in place for safety and security.  Clients can also contact the company and request specialized solutions, to warehousing and distribution and if possible, the company will accommodate the needs. 

A worker states, “It does not get any more efficient and secure than what RTL is offering, and I am more than proud to work for them and give clients what they need when they need it the most during these difficult times.  I can see the relief on clients’ faces after they tour our facilities and have an in-depth consultation with one of our specialized consultants in warehousing and distribution.“

Space counts now, as does security, constant inventory tracking, and supply chain knowledge more than ever before.  RTL/Go Reliable provides this and will work with every customer to satisfy their needs, even customized solutions.  No matter where goods must be warehoused or distributed, this company has businesses covered! 

About Reliable Transportation Link

Reliable Transportation Link is an offshoot of the Go Reliable freight company that has served clients directly for years.  Since the Pandemic, the need for increased security and warehousing of goods as well as the need for expedient distribution has increased, and RTL is the means in which clients’ needs can now be satisfied for warehousing and distribution.  A link at the bottom of the website goes directly to Go Reliable, and consultants are always on hand to answer questions and discuss options.

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Address:6201 Highway 7 West, Unit #2
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