World’s first and only customizable luxury eyewear debuted on Kickstarter 1

Mac Intosh Luxury is all set to redefine the existing luxury eyewear scene by introducing the world’s first-ever customizable luxury sunglasses that can be personalized as per changing outfits and occasions.

How about a pair of sunglasses that can almost instantly transform into many pairs? Sounds too cool to be true, right? Well, Rotterdam-based Mac Intosh Luxury is soon to launch a revolutionary luxury eyewear collection on Kickstarter that will allow users to customize one pair of glasses into different colors and styles as per a user’s changing moods, dresses, and occasions. The upcoming Mac Intosh Luxury glasses represent the world’s first and only customizable luxury eyewear collection.

World’s first and only customizable luxury eyewear debuted on Kickstarter 2

The FIRST-of-its-kind, Mac Intosh Luxury glasses enables users to change colors as per their current outfit and occasion. All one would have to do here is to slide the sleeves over the temples of the glasses. And just that. The temple sleeves would then render a unique and fresh color and design to the eyewear.

“Your sunglasses are a vital piece of accessory and they must complement your outfit whenever you wear them. But, we all know one pair of sunglasses cannot match every single outfit we have in our wardrobe. Think about all those times when you ended up being frustrated after realizing your sunglasses simply did not work with a good lot of your outfits”, stated Stephano Mac-Intosh, the founder of Mac Intosh.

“It’s almost too overwhelming to get a pair for each of your clothes. I have been in the same place and this inspired me to come up with a customizable piece of luxury eyewear that will allow us to match our sunglasses with each of our changing clothes and occasions- and that too without the need to waste money on multiple sunglasses. Thus, the innovatively customizable Mac Intosh Luxury glasses were born.”

The company has come up with 12 different colors for the sleeves and 6 diverse shades for the glasses to choose from. The customization process is simple and easy and gets done in just seconds.

World’s first and only customizable luxury eyewear debuted on Kickstarter 3

Speaking on, Stephano stressed they have used the most exotic leathers for the custom sleeves of the Mac Intosh Luxury customizable sunglasses. The temple sleeves are protected and registered in 36 countries.

“Our unique luxury eyewear collection allows you to express your true spirit and persona to the entire world with innovative customization technology. We promise you the most premium quality and lasting durability with each of our products. At present, we are all set to kick-start mass production and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring the world’s first-ever customizable luxury eyewear to life and shake up the luxury eyewear scene and for better.”

Backers will be rewarded with special Kickstarter discounts on Mac Intosh Luxury eyeglass units. To learn more or show your support for the campaign, please visit the Kickstarter campaign here [LINK].

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