Couponxoo Shows The Future of Online Shopping Statistics to Generation Z 1
Generation Z is more interested in rewards programs than Millennials. About 60% of Gen Z have joined at least one loyalty program to receive coupons or rewards.

Couponxoo approach to younger shoppers is differ from conventional wisdom in 2021. This one of the key takeaways from the the latest report “Online Shopping Statistics You Need to Know in 2021” from online discount site Couponxoo. The report reveals the understanding the data behind online shopping to Generation Z will help you build a strategic plan for your eCommerce business.

Generation Z, born after 1990, will have high purchasing power and will become a very potential customer group. Couponxoo report reveals the purchasing power of this customer group up to 52 billion USD. Up to now, 92% of Generation Z influences household spending in the US. And it is predicted that in the coming years, this generation will account for 45% of consumer shopping activities globally.

Generation Z is using Google and social media to find new products, so this will be a great opportunity to expand the market for retailers. Statistics speaking, 95% of Gen Z have their own smartphone and they spend almost 9 hours or more every day online. 65% of Gen Z read at least 3 reviews before buying something for the first time with their own money. These online shopping statistics can begin to optimize your online store to boost sales.

Generation Z is more interested in rewards programs than Millennials. About 60% of Gen Z have joined at least one loyalty program to receive coupons or rewards. They are bargain hunters motivated by price rather than brand loyalty. Gen Z holds a lot of information in their hands, so they have to evaluate and organize quickly to get the right information. That’s why Couponxoo is doing things faster and more accurately than ever before in providing discount information and shopping tipsto this generation.

Rewards programs can be a big driver of brand loyalty among Generation Z. Millennials tend to stick with preferred brands, while Gen Z will consider lower price alternatives. Gen Z doesn’t mind at all when it comes to messages or announcements about special offers. Unlike older generations, they don’t mind giving out personal information to get incentives or rewards to get a better deal. If marketers want to reach this powerful generation of consumers, they will need to understand this generation’s unique needs and spending habits to capture their attention.

Couponxoo is on the mission of making life more affordable for any consumer who has an online shopping demand. In which, Generation Z is a group of potential customers that Couponxoo is aiming to improve its services,” said Jack Goodman, CEO of Couponxoo.

Couponxoo is a leading savings marketplace bringing people and the things they love together through expanding its reach for more savings with retailers and brands. Couponxoo makes everyday life more affordable through online coupon codes, cashback offers through developed Couponxoo algorithms. Latest savings are also provided in consumers’ mailboxes through the Couponxoo direct mail package when you register for newsletters on Couponxoo.

Couponxoo Company is thriving with the most optimal algorithms to help you expand your reach more and more easily and usefully. Couponxoo’s online store partners are gradually increasing. This is mainly due to the increased speed and convenience of browsing on Couponxoo. Not only that, Couponxoo is increasing staff to meet the large shopping volume of Generation Z to provide the most comfortable and economical experience when shopping without having to step foot in the store.

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