Storms the Online Space to Provide Risk Assessment and Real-time Updates on Construction Projects 1 provides users with a chance to efficiently oversee construction projects, check performance, avoid cost overruns, and get real-time updates concerning each project

Experts and stakeholders in all industries are seeking ways to simplify and ease work processes. Those in the building and construction industry are not left out of the search as well. They also seek ways to better oversee projects, come up with feasible estimates, communicate between key players on the project, share updates, and much more.

Having these needs in mind and by way of providing a solution, Estabild AB is thrilled to announce a unique solution –, which is designed to be an all-in-one decentralized platform for individuals in the building and construction industry. provides risk assessment and real-time updates on construction projects. It helps users to track relevant financials, compare project budget against actual cost, analyze expected revenue against proceeds, and manage cash flows and forecasts on live projects.

Satisfied with the services provided by, a happy user identified as Justin had this to say, “’s platform is an excellent addition to our company’s communication tools. As a Developer, Estabild provides our equity partners peace of mind knowing how our projects and programs are performing particularly from a cost, schedule, and risk-management perspective. Providing our partners real-time insight into our program management is helping us build stronger relationships.”

Other benefits of the platform includes a cost-effective means to track project’s progress, actual completion dates, review critical path & available float, and get timely notifications as soon as progress updates are posted.

The platform also provides risk profile assessment allowing users to manage development risk register, access risk ranking based on qualitative assessment, and see risk categorization according to function type. Storms the Online Space to Provide Risk Assessment and Real-time Updates on Construction Projects 2

Construction project managers, planners, engineers, and other stakeholders in the building and construction industry will find the platform very essential for their work and surprisingly its services are offered at a very affordable rate.

About Estabild

Estabild is a versatile lightweight platform that focuses on delivering three core values to clients: predictability, transparency, and connectivity. These values combined improve the level of trust between stakeholders and their capital investments, to help reduce the risk of undesired outcomes such as cost overruns and schedule delays.

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