Verdoo: A Social Start-Up That Plants Trees For Any Online Purchase Over 10000 Online Stores Have Already Joined The Program 1
Verdoo: A Social Start-Up That Plants Trees For Any Online Purchase Over 10000 Online Stores Have Already Joined The Program
• 76% Romanians consider their environmental impact when they shop
• Verdoo, the Romanian browser extension, uses a part of the income generated by online shopping to plant trees

• Over 10000 local and international retailers have joined the program by offering sales

Verdoo, the social start-up launched in April 2021, helps shoppers plant trees with each online purchase, finding the best deals at the same time. Over 10000 retailers from all over the world, representing industries such as tourism, fashion or IT, have already enrolled in the program. The Verdoo team now consists of 10 people and intends on growing internationally.

The Romanian tech start-up Verdoo was inspired by the acceleration of online shopping at the beginning of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. The project founded by Mircea Giurca aims to find solutions that can be easily implemented in our everyday lives in order to have a significant impact on the environment.  

The browser extension Verdoo was launched on Earth Day 2021. It runs on Google Chrome or Mozzila Firefox. Verdoo users can compensate for the carbon emission footprint of their online shopping by making a free account on

The browser extension activates deals with over 10000 online stores. Part of the cost of the online purchase is used for global reforestation. Verdoo currently works in collaboration with Eden Reforestation Projects, one of the biggest global reforestation organizations. In the future, the Verdoo team hopes to partner with similar local organisations.

The planted trees are registered in the users’ accounts. If you recommend Verdoo to your friends and they join the community, Verdoo will top up your planting funds for every new member.

Moreover, the browser extension helps you unlock sales for affiliated online retailers. Most retailers have already joined such projects, and Verdoo is currently working on a process which gets online retailers more directly involved in the cause.

A study requested by Verdoo in April 2021 confirms Romanians’ desire to fight against climate change:

– 52% of Romanian participants declared that they are now more aware of the impact of climate change, compared to pre-pandemic times

– 59% of millennial participants confirmed that the past year’s restrictions made them more aware of the danger brought by climate change

– 76% of Romanian participants consider their environmental impact when they shop

– 42% of the respondents declared that they would buy more environmentally friendly products compared to the previous year

”The last year has thought us that doing nothing is already an action. We’re the first generation that experiences the effects of global warming and the last that can do anything about it. We’re pleasantly surprised to see that Romanians, especially the younger generations, are very conscious about the environment. Our mission is to help them buy the things they really need in a sustainable manner and at a cheaper price that they would’ve found otherwise,” said Mircea Giurca, Founder Verdoo.

Data Security

Verdoo strives to offer a safe user experience, using a HTTPS encryption protocol for transferring data, and storing it on a secure server. The browser extension respects Google and Mozilla privacy policies. Using this extension strictly limits its purpose – to determine whether the website that the user is exploring has a partnership with Verdoo or not, in order to compensate for the carbon footprint generated by online shopping.

About Verdoo

Verdoo is a free online platform that plants trees to help users compensate for the carbon footprint generated by online shopping and find the best deals. The Verdoo mission is to inspire people to live a sustainable lifestyle and maintain the environmental balance.

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