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Requirements and Changes That May Remain From COVID Response Increase Need For A Quality Respirator Clearance Provider
Part of PPE requirements, especially after COVID-19, include wearing respirators in environments where infectious disease transmission is possible. Vest Respirator Clearance is a uniquely designed system that streamlines the medical evaluation process required for respirator use.

Houston, TX – As the vaccine rollout continues, a variety of industries and medical centers are planning their long-term responses to COVID-19, and what regulations will remain in place in 2021 – and beyond. With new variants on the rise in regions like India and the possibility of booster vaccination shots needed in the future, it’s no surprise that regulatory bodies and organizations have increased their focus on PPE requirements, especially for nurses, hospice workers, and others in related fields.

Part of these requirements include wearing respirators in environments where infectious disease transmission is possible. Vest Respirator Clearance is a uniquely designed system that streamlines the medical evaluation process required for respirator use.

How Vest’s Clearance Services Address Ongoing Compliance and Regulations

According to the OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard (29 CFR 1910.134), the first step in protecting an employee who wears a respirator while working is to have a medical provider review the employee’s respirator medical evaluation questionnaire. This process is referred to in the safety industry as Respirator Clearance. When the questionnaire is properly evaluated by a PLHCP (Physician or other Licensed Health Care Professional), the Respirator Clearance process ensures that employees are healthy enough to wear a respirator while working.

The Unique Vest Advantage

Vest provides an online respirator clearance service specifically designed to help organizations move through the Respirator Clearance process quickly and efficiently while complying with applicable regulations. The core of Vest’s Respirator Clearance service is an online platform that allows employees to complete and submit their medical history to Vest for review. Although Vest’s online software stands alone as best-in-class, the quality of service is what truly distinguishes Vest from other Respirator Clearance providers. Advantages include:

Online reporting and records management: Proof of clearance are stored automatically inside of Vest’s HIPAA-compliant database. The results are retained forever and are available for viewing and printing at any time via a robust record management portal.

Customized branding: All employee-facing imagery can be branded with the organization’s logo and colors to maintain documentation consistency and avoid confusion for employees who are going through the respirator clearance process.

Immediate results: Most individuals are cleared for respirator use immediately, which saves time and money. This efficiency also allows the Respirator Clearance process to be completed in real time before fit-testing takes place.

As-needed payment structure: Vest avoids a recurring or prepay fee structure so that most organizations pay after services have been rendered, not before. This means Respirator Clearance can be achieved on-demand, with no need to wait for pre-purchasing to be completed.

Fit Test Record Storage

In addition to providing Respirator Clearance, Vest also offers a simple online tool for creating and storing Fit Test Records, helping employers comply with OSHA regulations for storing and maintaining proof of Respirator Clearance and respirator fit testing in one place. Vest’s Fit Test Record software allows you to easily import large groups of employees based on their Respirator Clearance, then quickly enter the fit testing results in one pass. Once entered, fit test cards (available as both PDFs and as digital files compatible with iOS and Android wallets) are automatically generated using the employer’s custom branding.

About Vest Safety Medical Services

Vest is a software company providing the premier solution for online Respirator Clearance and associated record storage required by OSHA. Vest prides itself on its person-focused service and support. They are driven by a desire to simplify the process of OSHA compliance for employers big and small.

For additional questions regarding Vest Respiratory Clearance, contact their Sales Department by email at or by phone at 844-837-8767.

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