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Luxury shouldn’t always be expensive, it just has to FEEL like it is!

In the world of stressful hassles of everyday life, one needs to take care of their skin and health. People almost forget to prioritize their beauty and self-care routine and ultimately end up feeling way older before they age. Platinum Glo Beauty LLC is a black-owned luxury-esque anti-aging skincare brand in the US. The company provides fairly inexpensive products that will give queens the highly refreshing, spa @ home experience!

The brand owner, Nkechi Igbokwe, who dubs herself as “the awkward-cute CEO,” is also a published commercial, beauty, and swim model. In 2020, she started her business and launched it in 2021. It started when was stressed and exhausted with her college life as well as the pandemic. Out of boredom, she spent an excessive amount of time exposing herself to the UV light from her devices, during the lockdown. Despite being a young individual, she began to notice dried, shriveled-up wrinkles on her face, which became her principal concern.

She developed premature aging signs due to stress and her devices as a result of overexposure to UV light. Nkechi did not like looking and feeling older than she was. Moreover, she didn’t like how “profit-driven” companies marketed anti-aging products that were either overpriced, ineffective, weren’t cruelty-free or constituted toxic chemicals. As a former employee for many different companies, she personally felt that they don’t care about people, as their only purpose is to empty bank accounts and leave customers penniless.

GLO Up and Go Platinum with Anti-Aging Skincare 2

Finally, she decided to say goodbye to her frustrations and GLO UP as a boss! That was when she incorporated her passion for self-care into her brand because when a woman chooses self-care over negative energy, she truly becomes a queen!

Not everyone has the time or budget to go to the spa, that’s why Platinum Glo Beauty specializes in providing the “skincare-self care” experience to stressed-out moms, students, and working women by giving them the opportunity to feel great and do what’s best for their skin! Since the owner has herself experienced premature aging signs as a result of stress, she can relate to her customers, and thereby providing the perfect solutions to aging skin problems.

Platinum Glo Beauty comes through for their queens, regardless of skin type, with products that are great for reducing the appearance of aging signs, reinforcing hydration, moisturization, as well as smoothing out texture and brightening its appearance to ensure a healthy-looking GLO!

Platinum Glo Beauty makes and fulfills a friendly promise to customers, with service and support, quality goods, safe transactions, budget efficient products, and custom satisfaction!

GLO Up and Go Platinum with Anti-Aging Skincare 3

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Business Instagram: @platinumglobeauty

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