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Summary: Pacific Business Sales is an Orange County-based Middle Market Business Broker specializing in the sale of small to mid-size businesses in Orange County, LA County, and throughout all of California.

Irvine, CA – There is no doubt that selling a business is a crucial decision as a business owner. Seeking the expertise of an experienced Middle Market Business Broker will streamline the process of a business sale and ensure a better outcome. The fate of a successful closing depends on the business broker’s  experience, their banking and professional network, and industry knowledge.

Pacific Business Sales have successfully sold hundreds of businesses in Orange County and Southern California. With SBA Financing, they have sold businesses in different industries for their maximum value and maximum cash at closing for the owner-seller. Their extensive experience and vast network of connections make them stand out among other business brokers. Pacific Business Sales knows the market and can provide business owners with the leverage they need for a successful business sale.

Recently, they successfully sold an aerospace manufacturing company with government contracts.  With the help of SBA Financing, Pacific Business Sales lowered the down payment making it accessible to more potential buyers. As a result, three competitive non-industry buyers made their offer for the business acquisition. Along with that, the seller of the manufacturing company acquired substantial tax savings after the transaction by working with Pacific Business Sales professional network of CPA-tax advisors.

Manufacturing companies face inconvenient challenges like higher tax rates when presented as an asset sale. To make the recent company purchase possible, Pacific Business Sales structured it as a Stock Sale, which many business brokers are not familiar with. As it turned out, the owner-seller’s CPA was not familiar with tax strategies for the sale of businesses, but Pacific Business Sales professional tax advisor partners were able to offer the seller a tax strategy.

As a solution, Pacific Business Sales called on their tax CPA partners, who were responsible for deferring and minimizing the taxes for the seller. Their effective tax strategy successfully saved the seller at least 30% in taxes and deferred most of the taxes from the transaction.


About Pacific Business Sales:

Pacific Business Sales is an Orange County-based Business Broker specializing in the sale of small and mid-size businesses in Orange County, LA County, and the Inland Empire. They also sell commercial real estate and work closely with CPAs and financial advisors specializing in tax and retirement planning for business owners selling their businesses.


About Pacific Business Sales

Pacific Business Sales are Orange County based Middle Market Business Brokers specializing in the sale of small and mid-size businesses in Orange County, LA County and the Inland Empire.

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