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Choosing to serve your country in the military is a noble occupation. However, the sad truth is that Veterans often find it difficult to get the support they need after leaving the service. To help those armed forces men and women through the often arduous and extensive claims process, Dr. Nicole Y. Edwards, DO has released Navigating Choppy Waters: A Basic Training Guide to Understanding and Maximizing Veterans’ Disability Claims.

COLUMBIA, SC – June 3, 2021 – In Navigating Choppy Waters, bestselling author and board-certified family medicine physician, Dr. Nicole, skilfully explains the compensation and pension process, the different types of claims, how to appeal, and much more. Through this informative guide, Veterans will be equipped with the knowledge they need to avoid slipping through the cracks when applying for their disability benefits and care.

“Even though I have never been in the armed forces, I am a veteran in the field of Veterans’ disability claims, and I am fighting the battle of helping Veterans get what is rightfully theirs. My motto is, ‘You fought hard for your country, and now I’m fighting hard for you!’” says Dr. Nicole.

The topics covered in Navigating Choppy Waters, such as claims examinations, rating decisions, and appeals and disagreements can also be found on multiple sites, pages, forms, and books that are available to the public; however, Dr. Nicole has taken that convoluted and complex information that is often hard to read, compile, and grasp and put it into a succinct and clear format that is sure to bring clarity and understanding to Veterans all over the world.

Navigating Choppy Waters provides Veterans with the extra insight they need to correctly file disability claims. “I was told by numerous people to be careful, that I would be blacklisted, that the powers that be would make it so that any claim with my name on it would be denied so that Veterans would stop coming to me for help. But at this point, I feel like I can help more Veterans by putting this information in book format.”

Dr. Nicole Y. Edwards, DO, is a board-certified family medicine physician, Veteran’s disability compensation & pension examiner, concierge medicine physician, TV/radio medical consultant, and minister. She is a two-time Amazon bestselling author, public speaker, health educator, and weight loss and wellness expert. She serves as the CEO, founder, and lead physician of Abundant Life Concierge Medicine and Abundant C&P.

Published by Publish Your Gift, Navigating Choppy Waters: A Basic Training Guide to Understanding and Maximizing Veterans’ Disability Claims is now available for purchase at

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