OC Tintz: 7 Reasons to Tint Your Windows, from The Best of The Best in Automotive, Residential and Commercial Tinting 1
Tinted windows are much more than a design feature. In fact, they bring all sorts of benefits, from blocking out harmful UV rays to cooling down blisteringly hot interiors.

These days, tinted windows aren’t just for cars either. Their benefits are so sought after that many home and business-owners are now choosing to tint their windows in order to keep energy bills down, stop furniture from fading and reject painful heat.

OC Tintz are the best of the best in automotive, residential, and commercial tinting. Below, they give 7 reasons why tinted windows are such a popular choice amongst their customers:

  1. Window tinting for style

One of the biggest reason’s car-owners like to get their windows tinted is simply for style. Let’s face it, it looks great. If you parked the same car next to the other, and one had been given the window tint Fullerton CA OC Tintz treatment and the other hadn’t, there would simply be no competition when it comes to which would look better.

  1. Window tinting for pets

If you often travel with your pet, you’ve probably grown accustomed to rolling down the windows, blasting the aircon and fanning them down in the heat. Glare and sunbeams can turn our cars into ovens, and this can cause pets to overheat and struggle to breathe.

The window tinting Santa Ana services from OC Tintz help to cut down interior temperature, providing a safer space for your pet to travel in.

  1. Window tinting for safety

Glare isn’t just a pain, but also a risk. It limits your visibility, both inside and outside of your car, and this decreases the amount of control and confidence you have when driving.

Not even top-of-the-range sunglasses can replicate the anti-glare that you’ll benefit from when investing in auto window tinting Brea CA. Tints dramatically reduce the chances of glare occurring, keeping you safe and confident on the road.

  1. Window tinting for kids

When driving with young kids, their safety is your biggest concern. The same can and should be said when it comes to harmful UV rays and solar heat. Children’s skin is more sensitive to these dangers, and they are at a far greater risk of sunburn, rashes, and overheating, than adults are.

Windowing tinting provides a protective layer against the sun. It keeps temperatures cooler in the car, and generally provides a more comfortable, enjoyable experience for kids.

  1. Window tinting for security

If you’re somebody who doesn’t want others to be able to see you, or what’s stored in your vehicle (such as portable devices), then window tinting is the ideal solution. It provides the ultimate in privacy and security, making your car a less attractive option for criminals and creating a much safer environment for you and your family to travel in.

  1. Window tinting for your home

Have you ever considered tinting your windows at home? You’d be surprised at how effective a residential window tint OC can be, keeping you cooler during the summer months and protecting your fabrics and furniture by slowing down the fading process.

  1. Window tinting for your commercial business

High energy bills? Uncomfortable, hot, and bothered staff? Commercial window tint OC is the solution for you. By applying window tints to both the exterior and interior of your building, you can reject heat of up to 80%, protect from damaging UV rays, reduce interior fading, and even create spectacular effects for inside your premise.

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