Business as Usual for Texas Law Firm Despite Pandemic 1
The number of personal injury cases handled by Patino Law Firm, a leading legal practice in Texas, USA, has remained steady over the last year, with little or no fall-off in the number of clients coming through the door, the firm said.

Headed by US Army veteran Louis Patino, a Texas native who previously worked as a chiropractor, Patino Law Firm continued with its usual volume of cases that help people to get justice and compensation following an injury on the roads, at work, and elsewhere.

This was despite lockdowns that brought economic activity to a halt and curbed personal freedoms but that Governor Greg Abbott insisted were necessary to stop the spread of the deadly infection caused by novel coronavirus.

“It’s mostly been busy as usual, as people still came to us during the last year about personal injury claims and to get compensation for their injuries,” principal lawyer Patino said. “The only real difference was that we were working from home, but actually, it’s not all that different to being in an office, and we had phone calls and video meetings with our clients.”

The firm, which has two offices in Texas — in McAllen and San Antonio, and also serves people in the wider Rio Grande Valley area — handles a wide range of personal injury cases following accidents in the state.

They typically include auto accidents, including those involving 18 wheeler trucks; slips and falls in public places, like stores; workers’ compensation for injuries in the workplace; and oilfield accidents, given the large number of crude oil facilities in Texas . Birth injuries, premises liability, nursing home negligence, and longshore injuries are among the other areas that Patino Law Firm covers.

The firm is a favorite with the veteran community in Texas, given Patino’s military background and the more than a dozen military bases spread around the state.

Unlike many other personal injury lawyers in Texas, Patino Law Firm does not work to settle cases as quickly as possible, to get a swift payout from insurance companies or other parties, because, it says, that may not be in clients’ best interests.

“We want our clients to get the most they’re entitled to under the law for their injuries, and to do that, we need to carefully examine a case and then work it so that we have extensive investigations and discussions with all parties. If we need to, we’ll head to trial,” said lawyer Patino.

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